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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Together Wherever We Go

Rick and I live fairly separate lives. Oh, we live in the same house as husband and wife; we drink coffee and read the morning newspaper together; we visit friends and family generally as a couple; we go out to dinner fairly regularly. But our day-to-day lives seem to go down different paths and our time at home is generally spent in separate rooms doing separate things. It's not that we don't get me...we love each other. It's just that we don't have many interests in common, down to what's on TV, so we've found that doing "our own thing" most of the time actually makes our life together quite nice.

So how amazing is it that, for the past three days, Rick and I have played like a married couple. We've gone to the YMCA together twice; we had breakfast at our favorite deli Sunday morning; we went shopping together on Sunday and Monday; and, most surprising, we actually went to the movies together this afternoon.

Now going to the movies is a big deal for us. While we were sitting in the theater waiting for the coming attractions to begin, we finally agreed that the last movie we saw together in a theater was the first "N*tion*l Tre*sure" released in late 2004. So, what did we see today...the second "N*tion*l Tre*sure." Why, after three long years, did we finally decide to see a film on the big screen? The simple answer is that the setting was perfect. It was a rainy day; the movie had been out for quite some time meaning the theater would be empty; and the first showing was at the perfect time...1:00PM. There were exactly 9 people in the theater (including the 2 of us) so we had our little seating area all to ourselves. It was a wonderful experience.

So now we're already talking about which movie we should see next. It's all very exciting...just like dating again. Maybe we'll discover we have more in common than we've thought for the past 25 years.


Susie said...

We're just the opposite as we do so much together. However Bill took the boys to see the 2nd National Treasure about 2 weeks ago. They all loved it!

meno said...

I always wait until movies have been out a while before i see them too, and for the same reasons.

I am a grouch, i hate crowds.

Maybe you should live on the wild side and see TWO movies this year. Just a thought.

HRH said...

So sweet, but I wouldn't know what to recommend since the last 3 movies I saw in a theater with my husband started with "Lord of the Rings"...oh well!

Renee said...

I was about to tell you that the last movie DH & I saw was Titanic...but then I remembered that just this past summer we saw Ratatouille, with DD of course.

Normally we are too cheap to pay for a movie so we wait for it to come out on DVD and check it out from our library. I really prefer watching movies at home on our schedule.

But when we do go to the theater...I'm with you. Gimme a few weeks old and a nice quiet day.

Patti said...

What a great time you two had. Yes, live on the wild side, you retired folks. Go see another movie soon!

Casdok said...

I went to see I am Ledgend yesterday and really enjoyed it, especialy as i was the only one in the cinema!!

sari said...

sounds like a great day!

Linda said...

Well don't wait for Part 3 to come out before you go to the movies again!

Lynn said...

I am jealous that you and Rick got to go to the movies at 1pm on a Tuesday. oh to be retired...sigh

Midlife Mom said...

We don't like the same tv shows either so I watch mine in the den and Hubby watches his in the living room. I just can't get into the military station or the financial shows and he can't stand AI or Survivor. But we do lots of other things together so I guess that makes up for it! :O)

Mary said...


Hubby and I are much the same as you and your hubby. We are here together and love each other, but our interests differ. He loves watching things on tv that I wouldn't watch for the life of me. We do watch the odd thing together, but for the most part he watches tv and I write or blog on the computer.

We do things together. Just today he went with me to the scrapbooking store to look for embellishments for the boys Florida/Disney scrapbooks.

I think that after 19 years together we just feel secure enough to pursue our own interests. We talk about important stuff and not so important stuff, but when we do something together it makes it so much nicer because we do have our separate lives.

Thanks for sharing.

patches said...

We have a dollar theater. It's hardly ever crowded, and they play current flicks....current flicks that are leaving the big screen.

kari said...

What a nice post! My husband and I have been married for almost 17 years. We have four kiddos who, right now, keep us very busy. Sometimes I wonder what it will be like when we have an empty nest and are on our own...will we still have anything in common? will it feel like we are starting over again? will it be hard? Thanks for sharing your story.