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Monday, January 28, 2008

I Need to Be Kneaded

For years now, Rick has been nagging me about going to a spa. He’s always wanted to send me for a day of pampering with massages, facials, oil treatments, wraps and every other supposedly soothing form of body work. I’ve always balked at the idea. I have this problem with body image and the thought of exposing myself to the eyes of a stranger makes me uncomfortable. I’m shy and modest…what can I say?

A few months ago, we were talking outside to our neighbor and the topic of spas came up yet again. When we were finished with our conversation and back in our house, Rick started in on me…spa, spa, spa. I finally decided he was never going to quit his nagging (who says husbands don’t nag) so I decided to relent.

Since I'm the one who always plans our vacations, this time I assigned Rick the task of finding us a spa resort to go to for a few days. Southern Californians are known for their need for personal pampering and health fetishes so he has a myriad of spas to choose from. We’re going as a couple so he too can enjoy the pampering that goes on at one of these resorts. Maybe we’ll even sign up for some couple massages and other therapies…who knows.

The problem is that the decision to go was made months ago and he still hasn't done a thing about choosing a place or making reservations. Every once in a while he'll mention going to a spa but then drops the subject. Maybe he thinks I'll forget that the responsibility for making the arrangements rests solely on his shoulders. Me forget? Never! So all I can say is..."Stay tuned."


cadiz12 said...

i always turned my nose up at the whole spa thing, but i got over it fast when my best friend was getting married and we took her to a spa for a bachelorette weekend in wisconsin.

we had massages, pedicures, hung out in the whirlpool, regular pool, took yoga, snacked on fruit and juice and sat in the steam room for two days. it was such a great treat and i can't wait to do something like that again.

you have a great husband to nag (!) you about doing something like that. i hope you guys get to go.

HRH said...

sounds fabulous. take me! (if the arrangements are ever made)

meno said...

I resisted getting a massage for years. But once you do get will be hooked.

I feel more comfortable with a woman though. I am sexist.

Renee said...

I too felt uncomfortable getting a massage from a stranger...but since DH bought me a gift certificate for one, I had to bite the bullet and go get my massage.

I actually got lucky in that I know someone who is a masseur. So I was able to go to her first and get over my fear of the unknown about not knowing what to expect. Then I was able to schedule my gift certificate massage with a woman which helped to keep me comfortable too.

I think that having your DH with you would be a pretty good thing.

Oh and don't let him off the hook. My DH and I are supposed to take turns planning our vacations and it seems the only ones he plans are to Vegas...I get stuck with all the other ones.

rosemary said...

I am shy and have body image issues too. My hubby gave me a manicure, pedicure and facial/massage for a birthday a while back. I was uncomfortble the whole time and lost it when the pedicurist said I had "farmer woman feet."

Lynn said...

As I've told you already, you are one lucky lady. I would get a massage every day, if I could find the time.

Linda said...

A massage would be absolutely fantastic right about now as my back has not been liking this cold weather of ours.

the moose buyer said...

ain't no one no how seeing my body, not now, not ever!!!

Patti said...

I would love a massage in the near future. I've had a couple and they are wonderful. Even the 10-minute chair massages for neck and shoulders are nice.

go enjoy!

Midlife Mom said...

I figure the massage people have seen better bodies then mine and worse so it doesn't bother me a bit! ha! There is something about a nice massage that just makes you feel soooooo pampered and relaxed! May just do that this weekend in Florida!! Thanks for the idea!!

Iamthebookworm said...

That sounds wonderful! By the way, I love the picture.

Mary said...


I thought you were going to say that Rick never mentioned the word "spa" again. I will definitely stayed tuned. I hope he does make the arrangements.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and flying a kite with me on this breezy Ontario day. It was nice to have a little fun.


sari said...

I had a dream last night and you were visiting my house. I kept thinking "how did she know my last name?"

maybe your spa vacation will be in Arizona, we have good spas (especially in Tucson, I hear, though I don't live there!).

Mom said...

I'll be happy to take all the massage certificates any of you don't want. Phooey on what someone thinks about my sagging old body. A massage feels just heavenly and I would go as often as possible. It's just too pricey to do as often as I would like.Just close your eyes and float of to feel good paradise.

ms chica said...

I'm not that modest...but the masseuse I use is legally blind and she mixes a mean chocolate martini.