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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Winter Blogging Vacation

Yes, this is one of those "What I Did On My Blogging Vacation" posts. No...Rick and I didn't "go" anywhere in January and early February. Rather, I just couldn't seem to find the motivation to sit and write about my life. It wasn't that there weren't highlights in the month...I did actually do things. It's just that I couldn't or wouldn't sit in front of the computer to relate any of it. I'm just a really bad, bad blogging girl! Anyway, here is the Reader's Digest condensed version of "What Joan Did On Her Blogging Vacation."

Lynn and I took Mom to the Indian casino not once but twice. The casino was offering $100 in free play money ($50 per new player on the first visit, another $50 on the second). All I can say is it's a heck of a lot more fun when you're playing the penny slots on someone else's dime.

I finally got an appointment with the dermatologist to have him look at the bleeding little red dot on my face. The diagnosis was just a blood vessel that made its way to the surface so he froze it, forming a covering which will hopefully prevent further bleeding. Whew!

I spent several days having fun with retired friends. Mostly it consisted of shopping and lunching but it got us all out of our houses and that's always a good thing.

I took Mom out for our monthly haircuts and lunch. I can't remember if I've mentioned that I decided in October to let my hair grow out so I can wear it in a ponytail for traveling and golf. Since my hair started out super short, it's slowly making its way to ponytail length. My goal is to have it long enough for a ponytail by the time of our cruise in June. I have my fingers crossed.

Speaking of our cruise, I used it as an excuse to start my January exercise resolution. I went out and bought an exercise DVD and miraculously I have been doing 3 miles most mornings. I wish I could say that my pre-cruise diet has been as successful but no such luck. And while I might not lose any weight before our trip, I'm hoping that my cardio will be sufficient to make it easier to do all the walking we're expecting during our onshore excursions.

Rick and I went to our friends' home for their traditional Super Bowl party. We had a great time and I managed to refrain from eating every bad thing on the table. Oh...I cheated...but I could have done a lot worse so I'm chalking it up to a win in the health column.

Rick and I are back to seeing movies after a December moratorium. We went with a friend last week to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." Although I hadn't really wanted to see it, I actually enjoyed it immensely. Now tomorrow we're going to see the Liam Neeson film "Taken." We're going with the same friend and he and Rick really want to see this action thriller. Me? I'd rather let the two of them go without me but, for some reason, Rick wants me to see it too so I will go. I'm not sure how many more times he can appeal to my sense of guilt since he graciously went to see that all-time chick flick "Mamma Mia" with me but so far it's working. Sigh...

I think that about covers my January and early February. I admit to lurking in BlogLand and have been keeping up with most of your lives. Now I promise (yet again...I know) to start back to commenting. Did I mention that's my February resolution? Let's hope I can be as diligent about it as I've been about exercising!


Renee said...

I'm glad you're back and even more glad that you had lots of fun while you were out.

Lynne said...

Since you seemed to be busy and having fun during your "vacation" I guess we can forgive you for staying away so long.

Glad you're back!

Patti said...

Welcome back, Joan. Nice to hear from you in my comments section today!

Sounds like you and Rick have been enjoying life, and that's a good thing.

Hope you stick around the blogosphere. ;-)

Wharzutility said...

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Michele said...

Gosh, it's really nice to see you again!
I am really happy to hear about the situation on your face... that was a concern the last time you blogged, I was worried.
But either way, it sounds like you are having a rather nice time and I'm glad to hear that. Good for you on sticking to the better eating habits and exercising!! Yay!

Glad to see you around once more!

rosemary said...

Glad you are back....I lurk too watching to see when you would post. sounds like you have been busy and having fun....saw two of your 3 movies...need to see Mama Mia.
Whew on the face issue, you are not bad if you eat you know, I want to go to Vegas soon, I always manage to get irritated with my hair half way thru a growing out.

Mary said...


I'm glad to see you back from your hiatus. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself while you took a bit of a break.

I can bet you're waiting anxiously for that cruise. Be sure to take lots of photos.

Hope to see that you've posted again.


Linda said...

Sounds like you had a lovely winter vacation and you are so right that it's a lot more fun to play at a casino with someone else's money! It's even more fun when you can take some of the casino's money home with you!