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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This Week's Date Day

Today was Date Wednesday with Rick (we're back to trying to spend a day together each week) and our friend Joe joined us at the movies. This week's selection was "The International" with Clive Owen and Naomi Watts. Yes, it was definitely the guys' choice (that makes two weeks in a row) but I have to admit I did enjoy the film.

It's an international intrigue story with beautiful locales (Luxembourg, Paris, Italy, Turkey, New York) and the story was quite compelling and interesting. It used to be that the villain in this type of movie would be the Soviet Union, China, Nazi Germany or some other evil empire. This film's "bad guy" is an international banking conglomerate and its executives. In these scary economic times, it somehow seems fitting to have a big bank wearing the "black hat." I did find myself closing my eyes during a number of the more bloody scenes but that's usually the case with any film where violence is portrayed. And how can you have a modern-day thriller without bullets flying and blood spurting? Yuck!

Not much else is going on. The sun is finally shining here in Southern California after several days of rain (sometimes intense) and Rick is golfing tomorrow with other retired buddies from his former workplace. I'm supposed to get together with a friend but I've come down with a head cold (thanks Rick) and I'm thinking maybe I should just stay in and rest. We have a number of plans for this weekend and I want to make sure I'm feeling tip top. I promised I'd call my friend in the morning to see how I'm feeling and hopefully we'll be able to do something fun...I need a day in the sun.


Renee said...

yesterday it was too cold to be outside, but I needed some sun, so I sat in front of our window and let the sun warm me. I hope that was giving me some Vitamin D cuz I can sure use it!

I hope you feel better soon!

Linda said...

Ut-oh, Joan, take care of that cold! You don't want it messing up your entire weekend!