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Monday, February 23, 2009

Put Another Candle...And Another...

OK...I have to admit is my birthday. Yep...I'm another year older. So what am I doing today to celebrate my birthday? Not a heck of a lot. Now it's not because we didn't make plans. Actually my family was supposed to get together last night for a birthday dinner but I still have a head cold (sniffle, sniffle) and so does my sister so we have postponed getting together until we both feel better.

Since I'm still not feeling up to par today (oops, sorry for the golf reference), Rick and I have no real plans and that's honestly OK with me. While birthdays were fun and exciting times when I was a youngster, now it's just another day in another week, in another month, in another year, in another get the picture.


Renee said...

Happy Birthday!

We had to postpone DH's birthday cuz he had a big project at we waited until President's day to celebrate it.

We don't do a whole lot though...card, small gift. For my bday they take me to dinner so I don't have to cook my own bday celebration. hee hee

I hope you are feeling better soon!

Lynne said...

Happy birthday! Hope you're feeling better soon.

the moose buyer said...

no matter how old you are, I guarantee I will always be the only oldest in this family. So happy birthday baby cousin. when I look at you, I will always see that adorable little blond kid who was so shy, she would hide behind my skirt and the one who would make fun when mom and I cried at the movies.

Linda said...

One shouldn't be feeling poorly on her birthday - that's just not right!

Regardless, I hope that you have a happy one and that the year ahead of you holds many happy surprises and memories and lots and lots of good stuff!

Feel better soon!

rosemary said...

congrats!!!! hope your cold is gone.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Hope you had a good birthday and that you are feeling better. Maybe you can have a delayed celebration when you feel better.

Just found your blog and I'm enjoying it.

bette said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Joan. Hope you're feeling better.

Amazed you found my blog. I've been using it as training wheels for learning new resources and (maybe) becoming social on the internet. Delighted to meet another retired librarian.

Working as an auxiliary suits me beautifully. My friends are beginning to wonder why I'm always busy on weekends though.

Patti said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Joan!

Hope you are feeling fine today.

HalfCrazy said...

I'm with you there on birthdays! It's really fun during the childhood days but I don't find it fun anymore now that I'm turning 18 on May! I just feel so... unaccomplished! Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday? lol

Much Love,