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Friday, October 12, 2007

I'll Have That Look Please

So yesterday I took Mom to New Hairdresser #2 for our monthly haircuts. That's right...#2. For those of you who might need to catch up, you can read all about my longtime hairdresser firing here and here. Then, if you remember, Mom and I went to my friend's hairdresser for several appointments only to be disappointed with her cutting and styling techniques. I knew it was time for yet another change.

Since I was offline while I was ill, I failed to mention that I tried yet another hairdresser (we'll call her New Hairdresser #2) during September. I was desperate for a haircut since my August one was so dreadful and we were scheduled to go on a golf vacation (the one that eventually got cancelled because of my virus). Anyway, this new hairdresser had been recommended by a woman at the YMCA so I took a chance and made an appointment. I wasn't sure what style I wanted so it was a little vague but I liked her technique and I could tell she was a potential winner in the New Hairdresser search.

Back to yesterday. So Mom and I went to Hairdresser #2's salon (she's the owner) and had our hair cut and blow-dried (is that a word?). While waiting for her to finish with her previous client, I kept looking at this customer's style. The woman was probably in her late 70's with odd looking red hair but what attracted me to her look was the wedge cut she was given. Mind you...for most of the past 10 years, I've worn my hair in a short wedge but I was getting bored with it so I've been keeping the length a little longer lately. Anyway, I kept staring and staring and then cogitating and cogitating until it was my turn in the chair. Faced with that crucial decision of what to tell her to do, I took a deep breath and told Hairdresser #2, "Make me look like that older woman." And that's exactly what she did...minus the red hair and added years.

Am I happy...yep! Did Mom get a nice cut...absolutely. Is Hairdresser #2 the chosen stylist...I'm thinking "yes." Am I relieved that the search is bet!!!

Oh...and if you're wondering where's the photo of my new haircut, you'll have to blame Lynn. She took photos of us yesterday when I dropped off Mom and she promised to email them to me last night. I guess she got busy and forgot because I have no photos to share. But that's OK with me...I really hate seeing myself in front of the camera.


Renee said...

YAY! I'm so happy that you were able to find a stylist that you like. I know how hard that is. I'm pretty much happy with my stylist but she likes to do expensive things to my hair. Last time I went in asking for just highlights and a trim and she talked me into highlights, carmelizing and a hair cut!!! Oh well, it's only hair and money and I do look good. *sigh*
hoping for continued hair styling sucess for you.

meno said...

I am also in search of a new hair person. The last one started charging $70 for a haircut, and while i can afford it, it just goes against my nature to pay that much.

Guess i am cheap.

the moose buyer said...

I absolutely cannot wait to see what your hair looks like. Of course it would have been great for me if the hairdresser could have also put the years on you and let you catch up to me so that I wouldn't be the "only oldest" any more.

When are we getting together???

ms chica said...

I'm glad you found the right "fit" in a stylist. Haircuts are so personal.

Betty said...

I'd like to change hair dressers, but I've gone to him for so long, it's hard to make the break. That, and, while there is a salon on every corner, practically, they all seem too trendy for my taste, and they're all in their 20s. I can imagine myself with spikes in a rainbow of colors before they are through with me. Shudder.

Patti said...

So is your new look kinda Dorothy Hamill-ish?

that was a wedge cut, no?

Linda said...

Congrats on the new cut and mostly for being happy with it! I am not too thrilled with my hair lately as it seems to sprout wings behind my ears. I guess it needs to grow out some and then maybe it will lay down like it's supposed to.

I feel your pain with the whole camera thing though my well-meaning friends keep telling me to get over it!

rosemary said...

I can the pix when you get them. I cut my own hair is curly...screw-ups don't show.

PEA said...

Glad to hear you were able to find a new hairdresser that you are pleased with:-) Oh yes, please do post your picture when you receive them, we all want to see!! hehe xox

Ralph said...

But your audience wants to see the pictures? And as a non-style conscious man, is there a difference between a wedge and a bob???

OneFullHouse said...

You're a brave woman. I am scared to death to change hairdressers. I feel stuck with mine for better or for worse, because the alternative of not knowing someone new just seems too scary. LOL

By the way, I know you haven't been around for a while, but I've switched sites. (my new URL is on my old blog)

Pam said...

It's hard to fully appreciate a good hairdresser until you've lived through a few bad ones, isn't it? I hope this one "sticks," and in the meantime, enjoy the good cut and style!

Joan said...

Renee: What the heck is "carmelizing"?

Meno: $70 for a haircut sure sounds high to me. #2 charged us $30 each which is $20 less than New Hairdresser #1 so I'm even happier.

Moose buyer: Think of me a few years ago and then you know what I look like now.

Ms. Chica: As Hubby tells me, "You are your hair."

Betty: I specifically looked for a hairdresser who was not young and a trendsetter. I'd say #2 is within 10 years of me so I guess we're contemporaries.

Patti: I'd love the Dorothy Hamill look but alas my hair is too wavy. hair is significantly shorter than Dorothy's.

Linda: My hair was doing the "wing thing behind the ear" too which is why I finally had her cut it really short.

Rosemary: I would love to have really curly hair but unfortunately all I have are very annoying waves.

Pea: I'm still waiting for the photos from Lynn and then they have to meet with my approval before I'd be willing to post them. Trust me...I hate having my photo taken.

Ralph: I think a bob is longer and not quite as tapered in the back as a wedge but I'm only guessing here.

Onefullhouse: I'll make sure I visit your new site. I wondered where you went.

Pam: I'm sure hoping I'm done with living through some bad stylists. Enough is enough!!!

Lynn said...

Just as soon as I can get on the main computer, I will send the photos to you:~)

Lynn said...

I haven't sent you the photos yet, but I did present you with an award:~)

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I have had so many bad haircuts in the past, I just stopped going all together. I usually let it go for about a few years and then get the courage to go. I had one ask me what I washed my hair with and when I told her she insulted my by saying "how could you?! I wouldn't even clean my toilet bowl with that!!" I was horrified that for the next 15 minutes of that haircut that was all she was insulting me about... sigh...
I'm looking forward to seeing your new 'do!

Iamthebookworm said...

Congrats on finding THE hairdresser!