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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just Catching Up...

After Friday's grand Disneyland adventure, it was a fairly quiet weekend. Rick and I used Saturday to recover and, except for going to church in the evening, I never left the house during the day. On Sunday, we went to a Golf Expo which turned out to be bust since there were very few exhibitors. I did manage to buy two pairs of narrow golf shoes at a reasonable price although, when you add in the parking and Expo entrance fees, the discounted price doesn't seem so terrific.

Yesterday I went to work...yes, I'm still working part-time for the Library although it's down to just a few hours a month. I'm on one of the committees formed to help the Library switch to a new computer system next July and all team members were assigned the task of testing the new Borrower database to ensure that the information will migrate properly to the new system. What this all means is that I spent hours yesterday staring at a computer screen checking each field of information on the old and new systems making sure all the info was correct. By the afternoon, my eyes were crossed and my head was spinning. And I'm not finished. Now I have to go back and check the Title database next week followed by the Item database assignment after that.

It's a good thing I'm going to my optometrist this morning to have them put in a new right lens in my old frames to improve my deteriorating vision in that eye. Maybe that will help me next week when I have to stare again at a computer screen for hours. I also ordered new glasses but the sage green frames (yes, green) are on backorder so I will use my old glasses until the new ones arrive.

Today is also the day I visit the HMO ophthalmologist to have my peripheral vision checked. I'm not too worried since I don't notice the blind spot I supposedly have although, according to my optometrist, it could be the result of a small retinal tear. Now that does worry me. Oh well...maybe it will be something minor and nothing to be concerned about. I'll let you know.


Pam said...

Ooh, a retinal tear. Let's hope it's nothing that serious. Glad you're getting it checked out. Take care of those peepers!

PEA said...

I do hope your ophthalmologist appointment went well and that they didn't find anything too dire. The computer is the worse thing for our eyes, especially if you have to really concentrate on it...reading blogs isn't bad though! hehe xoxo

Renee said...

LOL with pea.

I do hope that all goes well for your eyes. I know that staring at the computer all day at Church makes me go buggy. Luckily the office manager realizes this and gives me lots of other tasks so I can do a bit of something to give me a break...that and theres tons of stuff to do.

You've got Christmas shopping done already??? I don't even know what I want to get yet! And what hurst worse is that I want it all done BEFORE mother arrives.

Lynn said...

Sounds to me like you should have just stayed at Disneyland.

meno said...

Green glasses? You ARE cool. I'm partial to red and purple too.