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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What Big Eyes You Have...

So I'm back from both the ophthalmologist and the optometrist. After examining, testing and dilating my eyes, the eye M.D. told me he believes my blind spot is not retina related but has more to do with my optic nerve. This apparently is good news...or at least better news.

He's going to schedule me for a more detailed field of vision test and then see me in a year to monitor my condition. He also had the department's photographer shoot some photos of the optic nerve in both eyes as a baseline record. There's nothing like having a photographer continually shoot a camera flash directly into your dilated eyes to give you a rip-roaring headache.

The issue of my age-related deteriorating nearsightedness in my right eye was also a topic of conversation. The bottom line is that I will probably have "cataract" surgery sooner than later and this will "cure" the vision in my right eye. He thinks there's a 50-50 chance I'll call him up and ask for the surgery within the year after I try and adjust to the major prescription differences in the lens of my new eyeglasses. We'll see...I'm pretty tough.

Once done with my HMO, I headed on over to my optometrist's office to pick up my old frames with the new stronger right lens. It turns out the technician got all mixed up and put new right and left lens in my frames. The lens she used were ordered for my new frames which are on backorder. She totally missed the single right lens in the box until it was too late. So now she has to order a new set of lens for my soon-to-arrive new frames. The good news is that I now have two new lens with anti-glare coating in my old frames...something I didn't have before.

Can I see out of these newly fitted eyeglass lens comfortably? It's hard to tell right now because my eyes are still dilated so my vision seems fuzzy and I'm having trouble focusing. I'll wear the glasses tomorrow and then decide whether I need to have the optometrist doublecheck the lens to make sure the prescription is right. Sigh...

All this brings me to something I heard Larry King say today (on a local talk radio show) while I was driving to the eye doctor. He apparently had lunch with former "60 Minutes" correspondent Mike Wallace recently and quoted Mike as saying that the really sad thing about growing old is that you'll never wake up feeling better than yesterday. Oh, you might feel the same but never better. Is that really what we have to look forward to as the years go by?


Renee said...

I don't think that's quite true. there are some days that are so bad and you feel better after a good rest.

but I will agree that getting old isn't for sissys.

Pam said...

Last time I had my eyes dilated, one of them stayed dilated ALL day. I looked like I had a head injury.

On getting old... I just don't want to.

Lynn said...

This may be the best you ever feel...but if you look at the alternative, well that's not to good either.

PEA said...

Glad to hear that your eye problems weren't retina related but I can well imagine how fed up you will become with all those tests!! Happy Halloween my friend:-) xox

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Gosh, shooting a flash repeatedly into your eyes? Ugh, that would've put me into seizure instantly... now that test would be a no go for me.

I hope you recover soon from those tests and I hope the prescription is correct so you don't have to go back to the optometrist.

Susie said...

I don't enjoy those tests!
As far as getting old: What's the alternative???
Happy Halloween!

Patti said...

sorry to read about all of your eye problems. I hope you're feeling better today..

As for getting old, I say patooey!

Happy Halloween from a fellow boomer.

Mary said...

Sorry to hear about your eye problems. I have glaucoma, so have to have a field test once a year and pressure and vision checks every three months.

Mike is a pessimist. We can and do wake up some mornings feeling better than yesterday. I am an optimist and keep the faith. My theory is that you will only get out of life what you expect. I expect to feel better tomorrow than I did today. If not, I will hope for the next day. :-)


Joan said...

Renee: Mike Wallace is close to 90 years old so I guess, for him, seeing the next morning is always a good thing.

Pam: Years ago I had to put drops in my right eye that kept my eye dilated for 6 months!!! I walked around with a card in my wallet so people wouldnt think I had a concussion.

Lynn: I agree...the alternative to living is not an option!!!

Pea: Thanks for the Halloween wishes.

Michele: I walked around seeing spots for hours after the photo session. You'd think they'd come up with some other method for photographing the eye.

Susie: Most days I just feel's the days that let me know I'm aging that get me down.

Patti: I still think of myself as a young woman most days so, while I know I'm a boomer, I tend to be in denial.

Joan said...

Mary: We seem to have commented at the same time! I'm sure I'll get over my obsession with my vision problems...I think I just was shocked to learn things have gotten worse. As for growing old, except for when my body tells me differently, I still feel like a woman in her 20's. I try and keep a youthful attitude and outlook on life and, for the most part, I'm pretty successful at it. :~)

Midlife Mom said...

I know I am due to go to the eye doctor as things just aren't as clear as they used to be. I hate that! I also hate getting used to new lenses so that's why I have been putting off going. This aging process really isn't fun but like everyone said, what's the alternative??? We were at Dis*ney Wor*ld last week and I was trying to keep up with everyone and my son told me I was acting like an old woman. Thanks a lot son! lol! I should've said that he was acting like a wise guy! There sure is a lot of walking at DW but we enjoy it there too. I sure slept good at night after tramping around those parks all day! ha! We have only been to Dis*ney Land once when we were in California on a convention. It was fun and there were a few things that were different then the one in Florida.

Mary said...


I have a little something for you on my blog in the upper right-hand corner. Hope you enjoy it.

rosemary said...

Catching since I last read you have gone to Disneyland, gotten your eyes checked and hopefully you didn't pay for the tech's error.

Betty said...

Glad your eye problem isn't as bad as you thought it might be. Don't be afraid of cataract surgery, it's a snap, really. And, they give you great drugs!

Joan said...

Midlife mom: Your experience at Disney World matched mine at Disneyland. It's getting tougher and tougher trying to keep up with the kids.

Mary: Thank you so very much.

Rosemary: Yep, it's been a busy few weeks. And "no" I don't have to pay for the tech's error. The optometrist gets to pay for the extra set of lens.

Betty: I wouldn't be scared about the surgery except my mom had a less than stellar recovery so I'm just a bit gun shy. I know I'll be just fine when the time comes.