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Friday, November 30, 2007

Can You Get That?

I’m not a fan of the telephone. When I was young, I would never answer the phone if there was another family member at home. I think it had to do with my shyness and never knowing who would be on the other end of the line when I picked it up.

Fast forward many years. We have a phone issue in our house. Let me set the stage. Rick usually spends his time in the living room watching TV; I spend my time in the den in front of the computer. Whenever the telephone rings, here is what I hear being yelled at me from the other room…”Can you get that?” Mind you…Rick sits on the sofa with one of our cordless phones right next to him. Why is it he needs me to answer the darn thing?

To make matters worse, every once in a while (for a little change of scenario) I hear Rick yelling the following to me as the phone is ringing…”It’s for you.” Does he really think I believe he can channel the caller’s identity by the sound of the ring!?!?!

Suddenly I’ve become Mrs. Private Secretary. What I find strange is that, when Rick worked as a manager, his phone rang directly through to his cubicle so that he always answered his own phone. There was no secretary for him to rely on. What? He thinks that, because he’s retired, he’s earned the right to have an assistant to do his bidding? I don’t think so…


Renee said...

two words: Caller ID

It's the best thing in the world and so worth the money. If it's MIL I get to say to DH "It's for you!" And if it's one of DD's friends "It's for you!" and if I don't recognize the number we let the machine get it now.
Luv technology!

Lynne said...

Dom is funny with the phone. When it rings, he'll always announce "The phone's ringing." I usually tell him that I recognize the sound, thank you. He'll pick up the cordless phone, check the caller ID, tell me who it is, then hand me the phone. Why can't he just answer it when he has it in his hand?

Then, if I'm talking to one of our daughters, he'll keep asking me what's going on. If he wants to know so much, why can't he just take the phone and talk?


the moose buyer said...

I loved this one and I am curious as to what you intend to do about it. Probably nothing I am guessing.

This is the last day of you having to blog every day. What are you going to do to top yourself in December?

PEA said...

You should turn the tables on him and yell out before he does! lol I remember hating answering the phone when I was growing up, like you it was mostly due to being so shy. xox

meno said...

As renee said, caller ID is the bomb. We ignore most phone calls to our house.

Linda said...

I hate answering the phone when I'm at home but that's probably because I spend so much time on the phone when I'm at work. I have a major aversion to the thing now!

But caller ID really is a great thing!

ms chica said...

When our phone rings, which is rare, we wait to see if the other will answer first. I might have slipped out the front door a few times to collect the mail so it wouldn't be my responsibility.

No good news arrives at this house via landline.

sari said...

My husband hates to answer the phone or talk on it if it's not family or friends. If we are calling to order takeout it's like pulling teeth to get him to call, I hate it. But if I have to call, I always make him go get it.

Mary said...

There are some days I feel like throwing the phone out the window. LOL You know, those days when you are trying to accomplish something and the phone continually rings. It's never anyone important - more than likely phone soliciters or a company phoning to see if you like their service. Those are the days I have to bite my tongue. I wonder if Alexander Graham Bell really meant for us to have a phone by our sides every minute of the day.

Enjoyed your post.