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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Down the Road...Part Deux

It must be this time of year but suddenly I have a fascination with all things automotive. It’s probably because I’m gearing up for the Auto Show which arrives here in Los Angeles just before Thanksgiving. We always attend so Rick can sit in all the new cars and complain that he’s just too tall for most models. Sigh…

Anyway, I came across some more interesting concept vehicles…this time displayed at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show. What I learned from these photos is that apparently auto companies have now hired comic book characters to design the most forward looking vehicles. Take a look at this first one. Now I’m just sure that the designer of this little cutie by Nissan is none other than ToonTown star Roger Rabbit.

How about this one? I’m certain that Mazda Motors’ newest member of its design team is Batman’s nemesis, The Joker, who has designed this Batmobile-inspired awesome fastback.

And finally, for motorcycle enthusiasts, Suzuki has surely hired the Ghost Rider to design a bike meeting every superhero’s most speedy needs.

So don’t you worry about what comic book characters do in their downtime. Besides appearing in movies and on television to earn a little extra money, they obviously have found an inventive way to make ends meet.


Patti said...

Oooooh concept vehicles. Ralph is going to love this post. ;-)

Lynn said...

I always wondered what they did in their spare time...thanks for clarifying.

meno said...

Hey, i SAW Ghost Rider (i am sorry to say) and that bike is NOT on fire.

the moose buyer said...

now see there is something I never knew that you were interested in cars. There may be a little of Uncle B in you. I am sure he would be very proud.