Retirement is a week filled with Saturdays and Sundays interrupted only occasionally by a holiday.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Wow...Fridays Still Exist's Friday and, for folks who work a standard work week, this is the day everyone looks forward to. If you're retired however, Friday is just another day in a week of 7 similar days. Truly...the days just all blend together and there are times when looking at the newspaper is the only way a retiree can tell which day of the week it is.

Now normally today being Friday would have no real excitement for me. However, yesterday and again today I'm sitting in on all-day meetings at Library Headquarters as part of my committee assignment for the very part-time job I still have. And that means I had to get up before the crack of dawn today, now get this post written and published, get myself dressed in something a little more formal than my typical shorts and tee shirt (which is inappropriate even for Casual Fridays), then grab a quick sip of coffee, and finally drive the 40 mile trip through traffic to Headquarters. Then I'll have to sit through mind-numbing discussions of the new software system requirements and configurations all day long (except for our lunch break, of course) and finally drive the 40 mile trip home through Friday getaway traffic. I happy it's Friday? Let's just say I'll be a lot happier when it's Friday evening. But I'm not complaining...honest.


Renee said...

Wow! That seems like a lot to ask of a part-time employee who has retired. I don't get why you need to sit in these meetings.

HUGS I so know the not knowing what day of the week it is. Try having your DH home on the wrong days of the week to throw you off. DH was home yesterday (another medical test) and I almost forgot that DD had Gymnastics class. We made it...whew!

Susie said...

We still look forward to Fridays, because the weekends are usually "our time" free of child care responsibilities.
That commute doesn't sound like much fun, especially since many people are making this the getaway day for Thanksgiving week.

the moose buyer said...

it's so nice to have you joining us working folks once in a while. At least this way you still get to appreciate Fridays.

meno said...

Ain't retirement great?

Lynne said...

I can't keep the days straight either. If it weren't for Shelby going to school, I'd have no idea what day it is. Next week is going to be trouble - she's off school on Wednesday through Friday. I'll probably miss Thanksgiving! Which is no good since I'm having it at my house.