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Friday, November 23, 2007

A Shopping Mandate

Who am I to defy the will of the government?

First things first...Rick and I are going shopping this morning to a semi-annual golfwear outlet sale. We do this twice a year and Rick's closet rod is bending from all the golfshirts he has. Yet we continue to go just in case there's a shirt he has yet to purchase. One of these days he'll realize he truly has everything this particular company manufactures.

After this morning's excursion, I will drop him off at home and then make my way to the stores for my annual Black Friday shopping extravaganza. To be honest, except for my niece and nephew, I have very little to buy. Some years ago, the adults in my family and my friends decided to forego holiday gift exchanges. Since we all buy what we need when we need it, we agreed to save ourselves the hassles of trying to find things for each other. It makes for a much less stressful holiday season.

If this is the case, then why do I subject myself to the hoardes of holiday shoppers out there? What can I's fun! It's fun because I can wander around and watch all the craziness without actually participating. I don't need to hunt through store racks looking for just the right size. I don't need to rummage through piles of clothing looking for just the right color. No...I get to watch everyone else doing just that!

So...if you're one of those people desperately looking for just the right gift today, I humbly apologize for my glee.


Renee said...

Happy Shoppingday!

Lynn said...

You are so lucky!

the moose buyer said...

you shop because you have Auntie Evelyn's blood running through you veins. Frank, Joyce and I didn't inherit that part of her so I am sure she is up in Heaven grateful that at least her nieces did.

Mary said...


Many Canadians make the trip across the border for Black Friday. I wouldn't be caught in the stores that day, nor do I participate in Boxing Day sales here at home. It's sheer madness. LOL So I stay in my cozy home and keep warm.

My sisters and brother no longer buy gifts for each other. We decided long ago that we would buy for the kids. I do buy for my Mom, my daughter and SIL and my friend. No big shopping trips for me.


ms chica said...

Hats off to you Sister! I'm pleased to know someone can take my place.

And a Happy belated holiday!

Kelly Malloy said...

We were frantic hunters today - but, we found what we were looking for!