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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What Were They Thinking?

Yesterday I took Mom to our HMO for her appointment with the podiatrist. The medical facility is large and it's quite a long walk from the parking structure to the building. Then, after you finally reach the building and enter, you turn right and are confronted with a hallway. Here's what it looks like.

So...can you see the Podiatry Department? Of course not! Why? Because some fool of a building planner decided to locate it at the very far end of the long corridor. Yep...all the way at the end. You can barely see the "Podiatry" sign by the rear door. Now, why do patients see a podiatrist? It's because they have foot problems making it difficult to walk! So why would anyone, in their right mind, make these patients walk the greatest distance to see their podiatrist? doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this me.


Lynn said...

When you said that the hallway was long, I didn't think you meant this long. sheesh!

Renee said...

Maybe they're hoping you'll stop at the Pain Management office first since you have such a long way to go?

the moose buyer said...

I absolutely agree that it's a horrible place to put the foot dept. Did you mention it??

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Egads... if you didn't have a serious foot problem when you arrived at the medical facility, they made sure you did by time you got into the Podiatry office! Guess they wanted to make sure your trip to the facility wasn't for nothing...
gosh, not good... not good at all.

Linda said...

Maybe when they built the building they had originally planned to put the door on the other end? Just a thought stupid though it might be!

Your poor Mom!

Mary said...


When architects are designing these buildings, they don't take the people's needs into consideration. Of course the clinic could have located the podiatry department closer to the entrance. People just don't have any common sense when they're planning these types of things. I'm so sorry that you had this experience.