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Monday, November 12, 2007

Five Things Meme

Lynne has been kind enough to tag me with this fun and easy-to-do meme.

Five Things...

Found In My Room (I'm choosing my den)
My computer
Our massive DVD collection
Framed family photos
Books and more books
Paper shredder

I've Always Wanted to Do
Visit Antarctica
Learn to tap dance
Play the drums
Travel into outer space
See without glasses or contact lens

Found In My Bag
Travel sized hair brush
Monthly calendar book

Found In My Wallet
Driver's license
Credit cards
Insurance cards
Hairdresser's business card
Book of postage stamps

I'm Currently Into

Reading mysteries
Shopping for shoes
Keeping my blog current
Making new blogging friends
Losing weight

So the rules say I get to tag 5 blogging friends. I tag Lynn, the Moose Buyer, Patti, Michele and Renee. Enjoy!


Lynn said...

Thanks for the tag. I look forward to completing this meme. Glad to see that you remembered to list "shopping for shoes".

Lynne said...

Wow - you want to go to Antarctica and outer space???

Love the shopping for shoes!

Susie said...

This was a fun easy meme!
Antarctica sounds a wee bit chilly!
Can't remember the name of the book I read about the lady scientist who got breast cancer while living down there.
Did you read that one? Very interesting story..

Renee said...

Found In My Room (my office)
paper shredder
massaging chair
foot massager

I've Always Wanted to Do
see the volcanos in Hawaii
go to Germany
see Yellowstone
see the Grand Canyon from the ground (seen it from the airplane)
go to a real day spa

Found In My Bag
empty aleive container
old grocery lists

Found In My Wallet
it's actually part of my bag!
receipts for credit card purchases
credit cards
member cards to too many places
free imax tickets
guest passes for museum

I'm Currently Into
helping at Church
panicing ;)

Patti said...

Hi Joan, this looks like fun!

the moose buyer said...

you could do a lot of things but tap dancing will NEVER NEVER be one of them!!! That would be like me being an opera singer.

I will do mine tomorrow or the next day. I have to think about it.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Ok, umm... I'll see what I can do and I'll try to slip it in. Sounds like fun. Have a good day Joan!