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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Button, Button…Who’s Got the Button

OK…I admit it…I’m a button fanatic. I just love buttons…all shapes, all sizes, all colors, all designs. When I buy clothes, I always look for blouses with interesting buttons…not the plain old smooth round ones but ones that have something unique about them.

I’m pretty sure my love of buttons dates back to the time I was a baby. My maternal grandmother would visit from Montreal and she would sit me on her lap and sing to me. And what would she sing? “Button, button…who’s got the button?” And I would sit and finger the buttons on her blouse or sweater or whatever she was wearing. My mom has always insisted that “button” was the very first word I spoke (after “mama” and “dada” I’m sure).

So you can imagine my delight when I found these shoes when I was out shopping on Friday.

Okay…I was out shopping ostensibly for a suitcase but I drifted into the shoe warehouse nearby and there were these pretty black sandals on the clearance rack. How could I resist trying them on? They were an 8 ½ narrow (which explains the sale rack) and, much to my delight and surprise, they actually fit! The best part…they only cost me $21 thanks to the discount plus the remaining money I had on a gift card given to me by a friend for my birthday.

So while I'm still on the hunt for a silly old suitcase, I have these marvelous shoes to keep me happy.


Patti said...

fancy schmancy ~ pretty !

Colleen said...

Love those shoes! Great find.

Thanks for popping over to my site to check out our bathroom disaster... I mean remodel.

Toni said...

Those are adorable!

meno said...

I have an unnatural attraction to buttons as well. I used to spend many happy hour playing in my mother's button collection.

Cute shoes.

Michele said...

Ooooo....pretty snazzy... I do like those! Good eye!

Susie said...

Cute cute!
The buttons are a fun touch!!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Cute as a button comes to mind here,

My mother had boxes of buttons, which provided endless entertainment for me when I was a child.

My favorite outfit was a sky blue dress with little bone buttons shaped like scotties. I still have them - in my jewelry box.

Patti said...

Just an observation: You and The Moose Buyer seem to have similar personality traits. Am I right?

the moose buyer said...
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Iamthebookworm said...

Cute shoes!

the moose buyer said...

All these years I never knew our grandmother could sing. All brudder and I heard were complaints. Maybe it's because we kept insisting on fingerprinting her beautiful dining room set.

Patti, if Joan and I do have similar traits, we must have inhereted them from both our moms whom we all loved (mine passed away 20 years ago).

Patti said...

I guess your mothers were sisters.
(I know, I'm quick like that)

patches said...

Sweet looking shoes. I was thinking about your suitcase dilemma. Maybe you could silently protest the tour's luggage policy by concealing their logo on that little carry bag they provide you with by covering it with an obnoxious bumper sticker...or duct tape, or whatever floats your boat.

Lynn said...

I'm gone for two days and just like I suspected, you have new shoes. They're for the $64 or in your case the $21 question...are they comfortable?

PEA said...

Now those are FUN sandals!!! Seeing that you love buttons so much, these sandals were just waiting for you:-) Love them!! xox

Renee said...

Rose does seem to appreciate our visits. She comes running to the door when we go in and hugs us while purring madly.

Last night as we started going from the door to the living room she ran full steam to beat us there...purring the whole time.

She still keeps looking toward the door for when her Mom & Sister will be home, but she plays with DD and me and allows lots of snuggles. We've been trying our best to make sure she gets lots of exercise so she'll stay out of trouble while we're gone. I know that cats require 27 hours of sleep per day ;) so we make the best of when she's awake.

Joan said...

Patti: Thanks! I like the versatility of the shoes...I can dress them up or wear them with a casual outfit. And as far as family traits go...we share some and some we call our very own.

Colleen: Your experiences so far sound like everyone's nightmare remodel.

Toni: Thanks!

Meno: What is the fascination with buttons for children? I've always wondered.

Michele: Thanks! The shoes called out to me from the rack.

Susie: The buttons are fun and colorful and give the shoes a little pizazz.

Heartinsanfrancisco: Ooooo...scottie shaped buttons...I want them. :~)

Iamthebookworm: Thanks so much!

The moose buyer: OK...I cant say her singing was terrific. After all, no one in our family can carry a tune...and that includes me!

Patti: Yep, our mothers were sisters...just the two of them.

Patches: I think we've all come to the conclusion that we really dont give a darn (how's that for cleaning up my language) about the tour's limitations...we'll just get as close as we can to their limits and then just smile.

Lynn: You know I ONLY buy comfortable shoes. :~)

Pea: Thanks. They do look like fun and I just love their colorful playfulness.

Joan said...

Renee: We must have been commenting at the same time. I've only had one cat in my life and he wasnt very friendly so I'm not really a cat fancier. Rose sounds like a cute cuddly little kitty so it makes me wonder if my opinion of cats could be changed by her.

Midlife Mom said...

I love those sandals! I too have a fascination with buttons! I have some of my grandmother's buttons that she used to sew onto cardboard covered with fabric and then display them. There are some really nice old ones.

Sandals are much more exciting to buy then suitcases any day!!!

Joan said...

Midlife mom: What an interesting way to display buttons. Did your grandmother frame the cardboard once the buttons were attached?

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i LOVE buttons too!!! there is a story that a girl should collect buttons all her life and string them, each having a special meaning from where it came, until she gets to 999 buttons and the man she will marry should put the 1000th button on her string. i tried and tried to have number one granddaughter do this and got her some lovely ones, she just played with it and lost them all and never cared about it. i have jars of buttons and a basket with the special ones! i am a button idiot!

smiles, bee

Joan said...

Empress bee: What a wonderful's one I've never heard. And I guess button enthusiasm just doesn't hold any interest for today's kids. I'm sure my 12-year-old niece would feel exactly the same as your granddaughter. Oh well...more buttons for us!!!

Patti said...

I like Empress Bee's button story
I was never into buttons. I'm much more of a gnome girl.

rosemary said...

A little bling around the ankle and you will be quite the fancy lady...everyone needs bling. Caught up on your posts....I am laughing at the suitcase fiasco and the insomnia thing...been there do that.

Joan said...

Patti: Gee...I wonder if Empress Bee has a gnome story to share. Maybe you should ask her. :~)

Rosemary: Ohhh...I never thought of the ankle bling...good accessorizing!