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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It’s My Pity Party

I’m back! Yesterday was one of those pity party days when I sit at home feeling sorry for myself. Mind you…I have absolutely nothing to feel sorry for. I have a loving husband; we have our health; we have enough income from our pensions; we have loving families; we are going to Ireland in a few weeks for a wonderful vacation…what’s there to be unhappy about? I’d like to chalk up my lousy mood to hormones but I doubt I have any of those left so I have no excuses to offer…I was just plain miserable yesterday.

So…what did I do while sitting home? Let’s see, I called our plumber and left a message asking him to call me about our two outside leaks which need repairing. Did he call me back yet…no…maybe this morning. The only other productive thing I did was to order online three pair of black walking shoes to take with me to Ireland. Yes…I said three pair. Since I have such narrow feet, I ordered every pair that was a potential fit so that, when they come, maybe one pair will actually fit. Since shipping both ways is free, I figure I can always return the shoes that don’t work and my credit card will be credited for the costs. The shoes are due to arrive today so I’ll let you know if I’m successful.

The rest of the day was spent in front of my computer reading everyone’s posts although I just couldn’t find the energy to comment…sorry…I promise to make up for my lack of initiative. I also spent a great deal of time lying across my bed watching afternoon reruns of TV dramas on cable and napping through the day. How pathetic is that!

The good news is that today I’m feeling a heck of a lot better and, with all that napping yesterday, a lot more industrious. I have a long list of errands to run and I am actually looking forward to doing them so that’s a good sign. I usually only allow myself 24 hours of “woe is me” time so that’s over with for a while. Let’s hope it’s a long while.


Patti said...

Joan, you needed time to just unwind and do nothing, right?
Sounds like it was actually a good day for you. I've had those myself and the next day I'm re-energized.

Good luck with the shoes fitting!

Michele said...

Awww....[[[Hugs]]] Hope you feel better soon... sometimes you don't have to have a reason to feel "blah"... it's all part of human nature... just go with the flow and relax, it'll pass and soon enough you'll be up and at 'em in no time.

Susie said...

Glad you're feeling better today. We all need a day to regroup from time to time.
Good luck on the shoes..

Toni said...

Hope you are feeling better!

only oldest said...

both you and Lynn at the same time. I am relieved I had mine on Friday. All three of us in a crappy mood at one time might screw up the universe.

Happy you are better. Hope the shoes fit 'cause I do know how hard it is for you to find them. Blame Auntie F for that and not our side of the family. Our feet are so wide, we can walk on water.

Patti said...

walk on water! Now that's an impressive trait.

Joan, you and I read Homer's blog in the same minute this morning (just different time zones)

patches said...

We all need a day to just go BLAH! Glad you had the time you needed to rest your brain and your heart.

meno said...

I think that one day of wallowing is just fine, and sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

Joan said...

Patti: Ohhhh...I like the concept of re-entergizing myself a whole lot better than the pity party image so thanks! And isnt it amazing how we can be so far apart yet doing the exact same thing at exactly the same time!

Michele: Thanks for the hugs...they worked really well!

Susie: Thanks and I'll let you know about the shoes...I've got my fingers crossed.

Toni: I'm feeling a whole lot better...thanks!

Only oldest: Yep...Lynn and I seem to be on the same timeline when it comes to emotions these days...must be a genetic thing!

Patches: Yep...both my heart and brain have recovered quite nicely. Thanks!

Meno: I only give myself one day of wallowing because any more would make me one pathetic girl! ;~)

Renee said...

I was gonna mention that your sis seems down at the same time. Weird.

re: amazing opening door dog... hummm this AM she was in her room, just like normal. So if she figured it out, she forgot it just as quickly. I'm not sure what's up with her accomplice.

Renee said...

PS. I ordered 3 swimsuits from Landsend and sent two back(funny the two more expensive ones...just worked out that way.) I probably shouldn't have ordered the ones I sent back...they were iffy before they even got here.
I don't like to order online because of the fit issue, but I guess if the shipping is free, it's not a big deal.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

feel better honey! i those days too and don't know why... just get the blues sometimes. hope today was better!

smiles, bee

Lynne said...

You need to read this post about how to handle a funk:

Perfect advice!

Linda said...

Sounds like you just needed a day to fall back and regroup. We all have them and if you want to call it recharging or a pity party or being a hermit then go right ahead and call it that. I think I could use one myself right now but it's just going to have to wait a bit longer.

Did you by any chance order your shoes from Zappo's? I love that place!

Joan said...

Renee: Oh well...I guess her days appearing on talk shows are over even before they got started. And I'm glad to read that at least one of the bathing suits worked for you! Let's hear it for mail order.

Empress bee: Yep today was much better. Hope your trip home is going well.

Lynne: Thanks for the was so spot on! I think all women should read it and take heed.

Linda: I do indeed order my shoes from Zappos and I couldn't be happier. It's made shoe buying so much easier and less frustrating.

justabeachkat said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog. You're always welcome.

I guess we all have our days when we just need a little pity party and Funk City is a good place to throw a party.

Do what makes you feel good and "this too shall pass". Thank Goodness!


PEA said...

Awwww Joan, I think we all need that kind of day once in a while, so it's allowed:-) Glad you were feeling better today and hopefully you got lots done!! xox

Joan said...

Justabeachkat: Thanks for stopping by too. Yep...Funk City is a place I think we all know too well sometimes.

Pea: I am definitely feeling better particularly since I got lots and lots done today. Yeah!!!

Lynn said...

I'm glad that your pity party was short lived. I could have sworn that I commented to you yesterday...I must be losing my mind. (sigh)

Joan said...

Lynn: I wouldn't worry about your mind. There have been so many problems associated with commenting lately that you can blame it on Blogger and everyone will believe you.

Patti said...

Joan, we must be telepathic! Let's try that simultaneous blog visiting again sometime.

Today I wrote about my trip to Funk City. I'm hoping that blogging about my probs helps get me out of this funk.