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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Update Wednesday

I’m off to take my mom to the YMCA this morning but I thought I’d update everyone on the plumbing and shoe situations from yesterday.

I waited most of yesterday morning for the plumber to call and then gave up and decided to go out and run my errands. While I was in the parking lot of our Big Box Warehouse, my cell phone rang and, lo and behold, it was the plumber. It turns out he’s going on vacation starting next Wednesday but he was able to squeeze us in next Tuesday sometime between 10-10:30AM. It’s a good thing our leaks haven’t turned into torrents of water yet so we can wait the week. The odd thing is that he’s going fishing for a week and then he and his wife are taking a trip to, of all places, Ireland. Yep…we’ll be there at the same time so he’s going to bring his itinerary when he comes so we can see if our paths will cross while we’re there. Talk about coincidences.

Now for the shoe results. All three pairs arrived yesterday afternoon and I immediately tried them on when I got home. So…the first two pairs I tried were far too wide for my skinny little feet so they were a no-go and I’ve already taken them to the shipping store to have them returned. The third pair (the ones I like the look of the best) actually fit pretty well after I put in a Spenco pad plus my orthotics. They were still a little loose so I immediately went back to the shoe website, found the same shoes one-half size smaller and ordered them. When they arrive later this week, I’ll try them on and then decide which pair I’m keeping for the trip and which one will be sent back as a return. So what do you think of them?

Not much else is happening, thank goodness. I’ve been spending most of my time re-visiting my packing list, checking off items I have and making a list of things I still need to buy. The “to-buy” list is shrinking rapidly although I’m sure there will be a few last minute items to get at the end. Yesterday I spoke to the couple who are also going on the trip. They talked to our travel agent who has promised that our package of trip documents will be hand-delivered to our friend’s office this Friday. Once I have the documents in hand, I will actually begin to believe we are really going to Ireland. I simply can’t wait.


Patti said...

your trip is getting close ~ lucky duck that you are!
Your new shoes look perfect for all the walking around you will be doing..

Renee said...

looking good. Glad you got the plumber all set up. And I hope the shoes fit.

can't wait for the trip.

Toni said...

I like them! Although they do look extremely narrow!

meno said...

I have BIG skinny feet, so i understand. Mostly i like to wear zorries, but i can't get away with that all the time.

Renee said...

re: cherries. My mom never got them...I think it was the sugar thing...she didn't buy any desserts for us growing up. I guess she thought she was keeping us healthy.
I figure it's the whole diet and desserts are okay.

I never knew about the red dye thing until I was much older.

patches said...

Looks like a nice lightweight walking shoe. Plumber going to Ireland too, small world. The Missus once ran into an acquaintance at the Louvres Museum, thousands of miles from home.

Michele said...

Oh how I wish I could fit into a nice slender pair of shoes... those look quite comfortable and that's what is important! They'll match up to just about anything you wear. Nice job.

PEA said...

Well, I don't think too many people run into their plumber when they go away on a trip so far away so this might be the first! hehe I love your shoes, they look like they would be very comfortable!! You must be getting so excited....I'd love to go to Ireland one day...think I'll fit in your suitcase??? lol xox

rosemary said...

A plumber and new shoes all in one week...what more could you want? Two pair of shoes maybe? They are comfy looking sure to wear them before the trip. Everyone needs a mental day every once in a are entitled.

Linda said...

It sure is a small world isn't it in that you and your plumber are going to the same place at the same time and it's not even in the same country!

Glad to hear that one pair of the shoes are a distinct possibility and isn't Zappo's just the best?? I did a post on them back in January, I think it was, when I was looking for shoes for my company's annual employee party. I couldn't sing their praises loud enough!!

Ralph said...

You actually fit int those shoes? I guess that I am only familiar with my fat EEE width shoes...If the plumber can't be there before you depart, why not shut the water main off, and deal with it after you get back?

Joan said...

Patti: I sure hope those shoes are perfect...I dont want any blisters while I'm away!

Renee: So far, so good. And how did you ever survive your childhood without desserts?!?!?!

Toni: Yep...they do look narrow which is what I like about boats for my feet. :~)

Meno: So how big is BIG? I thought my 9's were pretty long!

Patches: When I traveled with a friend to Europe 20+ years ago, she ran into a college friend on a train platform in London. It is indeed a small world.

Michele: If I had my way, I'd wear sandals every day of my life. Unfortunately I dont think I'd like wet feet with all the rain in Ireland. :~)

Pea: I am getting very excited...and nervous. I dont like to fly but there really isnt any other way to get there in a timely manner so I guess I'll survive.

Rosemary: I've already told Hubby to expect me parading around in our house with my new shoes on to break them in. No blisters for me.

Linda: Zappos is the best alright! Without them, I'd be one shoeless chick!

Ralph: Do you really wear a EEE width? If so, you have my sympathy. As far as turning off the water goes, the lady who cleans our house every other week is coming while we're gone so we need to leave it on for her. I guess we could give her the day off but we like coming home from a trip to a clean house!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

have a grand time on your trip honey! can you blog from ireland and let us know about your trip???

smiles, bee

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Wait a minute, you buy your shoes online??? How do you do that? I LOVE to try things on. More often than not, it's the trying on that I love not necessarily the buying.

The shoes are cute, but yeah, narrow.

Have fun on your trip. Remember to post pictures!

Joan said...

Empress bee: Too many logistical problems to take my laptop but I'm hoping to find Internet access at some of the hotels or at Internet cafes. How can I do without BlogLand for 11 days?!?!!?

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer: Buying shoes online is fun. The Zappos website offers free shipping both ways so I just order what I think might fit and then try them on when they come. The ones that dont fit get shipped back and my credit card is credited. They make it waaaay too easy!

Lynn said...

Nice looking shoes! I am so envious that you can order shoes online. Thanks for going shoe shopping with me this afternoon;~)

Joan said...

Lynn: You could order shoes online too. Since you have fairly normal width feet (OK maybe they're a wee bit narrow), we wouldnt be vying for the same shoes so I'd be more than happy to show you what to do! ;~)

Patti said...

I never bought actual shoes online, but I have bought my favorite foot apparel, sandals, online.

Favorite next to sneakers, that is.
The more comfy the better.

Joan said...

Patti: I try and wear sandals as often as the weather will allow...which here is almost all year long. My toes just love the open air!!!

the moose buyer said...

Ralph, I know EEE width. Joan, Lynn and I may be cousins but their feet are from their dad's sis. My aunt's side of the family where I reside, has W I D E feet. We could almost walk on water. I know how tough it is for Joan to find shoes and how frustrated she gets having to return many because they are not wide enough.

Give me the big wide feet anytime. Much easier to find!!!