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Friday, May 11, 2007

A New Hair Day

Yesterday I took Mom to our new hair stylist for our very first hair cuts with “D”. If you don’t know why we’re going to a new stylist, take a look here and here. Anyway, I was loaded with anticipation and, quite honestly, a little trepidation as we entered the salon. I’d met “D” a few weeks ago when I went to the salon with my friend who’s been her client for a while and, while “D” seemed exceedingly professional and nice (a big plus), I am fully aware that my hair is not easy to cut. It’s wavy and thin and short and has a definite mind of its own which often cannot be tamed. But after my terrible experience with my former hairdresser, I was bound and determined to give “D” a chance to become my new stylist.

So….what are the results? My mom has straight, coarse, thick hair so hers is easy to cut and style. “D” did a nice cut for Mom although next time I think I’ll be a little more specific on the actual style…maybe I’ll even bring a photo. Mine, however, is another story. No…it’s not terrible…it’s just blah. Basically I think “D” tried to follow the shape it already had and, since I’ve been fighting with it for the past 5 weeks, that wasn’t the best idea. Part of it is my own fault…I just wasn’t specific enough about what I wanted…not that she can give me what I really want which is long, thick, straight, shiny hair. Sigh…

Anyway, after watching her cut, I think maybe her cutting skills aren’t as sophisticated as my last hairdresser and her blowdrying technique is definitely not as good as mine. It’s hard to explain (and maybe I’ve been watching too much “Shear Genius” on Bravo TV so I think I’m an expert on hair) but I might need someone with more styling skills than “D” has. Whatever it is, I am more than willing to give “D” several more appointments to learn my hair’s texture and idiosyncrasies before making a final decision.

What I do appreciate, however, is “D’s” willingness to have me come back to “tweak” the cut if I’m not satisfied. She told me to go home, play with it for a bit, and just give her a call if I’m having problems so she can have me come in to do a little repair work. That’s the mark of a true professional and I really admire that in a person. So I'm off now to play some more with my hair...where's that spray bottle and blowdryer...?


Pam said...

D sounds like an improvement, at least in the atttude department. Hope she gets the hang of your hair quickly.

Does anyone ever leave the salon liking the way the stylist has styled their hair? Everyone I know always goes home and gets it wet and re-styles it! Oh well, as long as I get a good cut, I don't care, I guess.

Toni said...

You should look up Tabitha from Shear Genius. She's my favorite!

only oldest said...

mine is available if you think you want to try someone new. She is near Lynn's and has been doing my hair for 14 years.

I know, my hair is a lot easier to do than yours.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hey no photos???

smiles, bee

PEA said...

I haven't been to a hairdresser in years...I have long hair and it's got a natural wave to it so when I need a trim I either do it myself or my friend June does it for me:-) I had so many bad experiences with hairdressers in earlier years, that's why now I won't go to one! Hopefully "D" will work out for you:-) xox

Joan said...

Pam: For years I thought I was the only one who came home from the salon and re-did her hair. Now I found out I'm not alone...I feel soooooo much better. :~)

Toni: While I like Tabitha's work, I'm not too keen on her attitude. I'm beginning to think this attitude "thing" is a requirement for becoming a stylist.

Only oldest" Thanks...I will keep that in mind although I'm hoping "D" works out.

Empress bee: In case you haven't figured it out...I'm camera shy. I hate posing for photos and so I'm usually the one behind the camera clicking away!

Pea: I so envy you. Every once in a while I think about just letting my hair grow out and wearing it in a ponytail but then I get impatient and cut it all off.

Susie said...

It's really hard to "break in" a new hairdresser. Especially if the old one knew just what you wanted (even if you didn't always say)
Sounds like she's really going to try to please.

patches said...

I don't have hair issues. The Missus, however, has issue with my uncontrollable shedding...Back to the subject. The Missus had her first professional cut in 7 years or so a few months ago. She was lucky. She had a referral to a salon, but not a specific stylist. She chose this salon based on a hunch. She got a great cut. I wouldn't recommend this method to everyone. Sometimes you follow your gut and things work out. Other times, you have to teach people how to read you. Good for you for trying someone new.

Renee said...

I think I may have told you may hair story. I switched stylists in the same salon. I went to the first gal who did a good job, but she constantly complained about me doing my own hair color.
So one day I walked in w/o an appointment and my gal wasn't they gave me J. J did a great job and she complemented me on my technique for hair coloring...she didn't gloss over that it was damaged...but she didn't harp on it. So now I use J and she calls me when she has an opening and she knows I'm about due.

I really hope that D does a great job for could try taking her a picture.

Joan said...

Susie: I'm hoping "D" turns out to be the right stylist for me.

Patches: Please tell the Missus that I'm happy her recent hair experience was such a good one.

Renee: Since my next hair cut will be just before our trip, I am definitely taking a photo with me of my "travel" haircut which is significantly shorter than what I have now. That way "D" will have something to copy!

Lynn said...

I have known you and your hair all of my life (I am the younger sister after all) however, even if I were a hair dresser, I would never try to style your hair...I know that I couldn't do a good a job as you do;~)

Joan said...

Lynn: Thanks! Now, if I only could learn how to cut my own hair, I'd never have to step foot in a salon again.

Patti said...

This woman sounds like she has the right attitude and is willing to work with you. I say congrats on finding someone new. That other one sounded like a nightmare to deal with!
How about a photo just of your hair?
Just a thought.

Linda said...

This woman sounds like a true professional and I'm glad to hear that you are willing to give her a couple more tries before deciding you need to continue your search. I hope it works out for both of you!

Joan said...

Patti:'s all about attitude for me. Hmmm...a photo of just my hair...let me figure out how Hubby could shoot it to avoid my face. Trust me...the back of my head is not very interesting.

Linda: I certainly would never judge a stylist on her first attempt...particularly with my crazy hair. And I do think she is far more professional than my last person.