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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

“Let Me Call The…”

Ah…those are the four magic words that will get a husband off the comfy couch to do house repairs every time. Whenever I say to my husband, “Let me call the a) plumber b) electrician c) handyman etc.,” he suddenly finds the energy to take on whatever small house repair needs doing.

Such was the case this weekend. For quite some time now, the sink faucet in our small bathroom has been dripping. We have two bathrooms in the house and each of us uses one as our primary “get ready in the morning” place. The small bathroom is the one my husband uses and I use it occasionally when I’m on that side of the house. I noticed the faucet was dripping some time ago. It began as a slow intermittent drip and I tried to ignore it since I’m in that room so little. Recently, however, the drip has become a full blown leak and it began to worry me. I mentioned it to Hubby several times and he kept assuring me it was nothing to worry about and he would fix it soon. Sure…right…soon.

As you can tell by the countdown at the top of my blog, it’s less than a month before we leave on our Ireland trip. Now I'm absolutely paranoid about plumbing leaks turning into torrents of water while I’m on vacation. Granted it sounds silly but I’m always afraid the stopper in the sink will suddenly close, the leak will continue to fill up the sink and eventually it will overflow all over the floor causing great damage. Yes…I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s my little paranoia and Hubby knows this.

After waiting and waiting for Hubby to get around to fixing the leak, I decided it was time to get serious and so, this weekend, I finally said to Hubby, “Let me call the plumber this week and have him either fix or replace the faucet in the small bathroom.” Okay…I was using all my manipulative skills to get what I wanted but I’d been patient long enough! He’d had his chance at doing this on his own and he’d failed miserably. I had no choice…he forced me to rely on my secret wifely strategy.

And, as always, those four little words worked their magic. On Tuesday, I went to a meeting and, when I was done, I called Hubby to tell him I was on my way home. When I asked him what he was doing, he told me he’d gone to the store, bought a plumbing repair kit, and was in the process of tearing apart the faucet. By the time I got home, Hubby was proudly standing in the bathroom with the newly repaired faucet that no longer leaks. Of course I heaped loads of praise on him for his husbandly talents and thanked him profusely for fixing the faucet.

Now….here’s the problem. We still have two leaks (a backyard sprinkler valve and a front yard hose bib) that need to be repaired before we leave and I’m trying to figure out if I can use the “Let me call the…” tactic again so soon. Hmmm…maybe this time I will call the plumber.


Linda said...

That's fantastic that you've got a method that works! No man likes to be shown up by another when it comes to things like this. Good for you for using your feminine wiles!

Renee said...

My poor DH married a gal who will fix things herself if they don't get he knows that he had better do it in a timely fashion if he doesn't want it fixed by me. When things sit too long, I go & buy parts.
Remember me fixing the garage door? DH was sure that the spring needed to be replaced, but I was the one who went online with the symptoms and found out the real problem. And I fixed it.
I think it bothers him that I fix things that he was planning to fix. I know that doesn't help in your situation.

Perhaps you should leave out the flyers for some law sprinkler repair places, or the phone book opened where he'll see it.

Susie said...

I don't have to use that tactic too often on Bill. Sometimes I would actually prefer to hire the work, as I know it's too big a job for him. (Like trimming that huge tree recently) but not him! He is Mr. Fixit!!
Glad your faucet is done!

Lynn said...

Good for you for using your 'wifely charm and wit' to encourage you dh to fix the leak. Lucky for you he didn't ask you to help him and lucky for him he didn't ask my dh to help him either.

patches said...

The Missus is so going to try this method...she usually goes to the broken/impaired item with the toolbox in hand. The Mister sees her then takes over. Shame is the most important tool here.

rosemary said...

This never worked for me...what did work was telling him I was going to fix it myself. Never saw the man move so fast.

Joan said...

Linda: Thanks! I'll use whatever it takes to get things fixed!!!

Renee: Can you come to my house? I have a long list of house repairs that need doing...please!!!

Susie: You are sooooo lucky to have your very own Mr. Fixit! I'm envious.

Lynn: You know my DH knows more than he'll admit to all in the hopes that I won't expect much from him. I don't want to let him off the hook by doing it myself.

Patches: Ah yes...shame...every man's weakness.

Rosemary: I actually could probably repair most of the problems that need fixing but I'm afraid he'd let me!!! :~)

rhea said...

Excellent technique. Everyone should adopt that.

Patti said...

Good for you for using your feminine charm to get done what needed to get done.
Homer cannot do that sort of thing so we ask Kid 2. :-) For now, anyway.

Dana said...

I use that tactic myself!

meno said...

Ha ha! All i have to do is say "Where's the toolbox?" and my husband is "What do you want it for?" and then he's off. Fear of women with tools, but, hey, whatever works.

Lynne said...

I do most of the minor repairs in our house. Whenever I've asked Dom to do something, it takes him forever to get ready. He has to find just the right tool, get out the safety glasses, etc. In the time it takes him to get prepared, I can have the problem corrected and all the mess cleaned up. Now, if it's something big, I just go ahead and call the professionals.

Pam said...

We have a temperamental toilet - I tried fixing it. Joe tried fixing it. We called the plumber and he claimed he fixed it. It's still temperamental...overflows randomly for no apparent reason. Oh well.

I hope you get the drips and leaks fixed before your trip so you won't worry.

Joan said...

Rhea: Thanks. It would be nice if it worked for all situations.

Patti: I'm beginning to think Kid 2 would love coming to live with us. :~)

Dana: Does it work in your home as well as mine???

Meno: The problem for me is that, if I picked up the toolbox, Hubby would open it up and hand me the correct tool.

Lynne: Do you think your husband is just using his husbandly stalling tactic to get you to fix the problem???

Pam: Is your toilet possessed???

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well sarge cannot fix anything. not one single thing. he has two tools, a plastic butter knife and a chain saw. and since his pacemaker he cannot use the chainsaw any longer. my answer is to do what i do. turn off the main water valve when you leave. ha ha ha and have a wonderful time!!!

smiles, bee

PEA said...

Lol loved this post! We wives really do have some very neat tricks up our sleeves when needed, don't we?! hehe Hopefully he'll get at the other two leaks before you leave for your trip!! xox

Joan said...

Empress bee: I'm picturing Sarge as Mr. Fixit wielding a plastic butter knife and it's one funny image. :~D

Pea: I wont even discuss some of my other wifely tricks...dont want to give away my secrets just in case he's reading these comments!

Toni said...

Cataloging this for future use...

Joan said...

Toni: Stay never know when I might need to use another of my little tricks. :~)