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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Their Final Answer Is...

I'm sure you've all been waiting anxiously for me to post the airline answer to my email question about measuring suitcases. Ta it is:

"...each Checked bag cannot exceed 62 linear inches (157.5 cm) as measured by length + width + height including all wheels, handles and feet. Items in excess of 62 linear inches (157.5 cm) are subject to an oversize baggage fee."

So there you have it...the definitive answer to my very important question. Only now I need to return the 64 linear inch suitcase (not 59 linear inchs) I bought the other day (see...I told you never to trust the dimensions listed on the manufacturer's tag) and then re-examine my options. My choices are either to shrink my 3-page packing list to just the very bare minimum (can I really do this?) OR take two smaller checked bags per person instead of one large bag each. Help!!!!!


Pam said...

Maybe you should just change your vacation plans and go to a nudist camp. That would get rid of just about everything on your list except shoes. I mean, c'mon -- Ireland... nudist camp... Ireland... nudist camp... Just bring green shoes.

only oldest said...

I love Pam's idea but we both know a nudest camp is never going to happen in this lifetime or the next one.

I also figure you will take 2 suitcases rather than cut down your list.

patches said...

I like Pam's suggestion, but I don't think you be able to post as many vacation pictures on your site. Might attract a little unwelcome attention ; )

If you're really concerned about your packing list, post it to your blog. As you can tell be the comments on the suitcase post, we are all eager to lend a hand : )

Noooooo, I'm not serious.

Toni said...

This 'Suitcase Fiasco' has become your nemesis!

Renee said...

Well you are already having to return the larger suitcase...maybe you should bring your tape measure with you and find one that is the right size for you.

I'm glad that they finally did answer your question correctly and that Tiffany didn't cost you $50.

Did I already tell you about my grid system for packing? I make a spreadsheet with all the days of the trip and all the items of clothing needed...including shoes and if changes of attire are needed for different events. I also try to merge if day 1 -3 can get away with sneakers I bring them but if I only need a pair of shoes for one thing...I try to make another pair make do. I don't know how well that will work for the wedding though.

Lynn said...

I like Patches suggestion (that is one smart cat!) your 'events' and packing list to the blog and let everyone take a look and give suggestions...after all the more brains working on this, the better.

meno said...

I think you should take two suitcases and your husband can take one small carry on.

What does he need that's so important anyway?

rosemary said...

I agree with meno...your hubby can do with two changes and underwear, right? as much space as you can get!!! When we went to Ireland we each took the largest suitcase we could and then had backpacks. We left the big cases in the car, had our grooming stuff already in the backpack and took clothes out of the big cases when we checked into the B&B's....a few problems getting the right stuff out, but I packed like we were wearing Granimals.

Michele said...

oh, if only I had the "trip-packing dilemma" and then I know I would be going on a spectacular adventure... [sigh]... but egads, condensing a 3 page list to bare minimum... it just can't be done!!!

Patti said...

Great idea about posting your packing list. We can all take a peek.
I have a packing tip a seasoned traveler told our group of People to People kids when our son was going abroad. She said pack your oldest underwear and then throw it out after wearing.
That way you free up space in the suitcase for souvenirs, and you're not lugging dirty underwear back home.
What do you think?

Joan said...

Pam: A nudist camp...that's a good one!!! :~D

Only oldest: But I don't want to take two suitcases...what a pain!

Patches: My packing list to my blog...that's another good one!!! :~D

Toni: Yep just another fiasco in a long line of fiascos.

Renee: I am so glad I'm not the only organized person when it comes to packing. My friend is laughing at my need for a list so I think I'll show her your comment!

Lynn: My packing list on my blog would have me ridiculed throughout BlogLand.

Meno: Wait...your suggestion is by far the most practical. Let me go tell Hubby you've solved our dilemma. :~D

Rosemary: If we were traveling by car, I would absolutely take your advice!!! Unfortunately we will be on a tour bus with little control of what comes on and off the bus.

Michele: Yes I know I shouldn't whine about packing since it means I'm going on a wonderful trip but all this planning is soooooo stressful. ;~D

Patti: That would be a great idea except I'm a stickler for throwing out old underwear so we don't really have any. I have thought about buying disposable underwear...yep I saw them in a travel catalog. Wonder what they feel like.

Linda said...

And this is exactly why I never go on vacations - the stress beforehand is phenomenal! Well, that and I just can't afford them! I sure hope you can get some resolution to this soon but I must also say kudos for having had the foresight to get in writing the answer to the measurement question!