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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Too Much Confidence Is A Bad Thing

Last night I learned that one or two computer success stories do not make you a skilled techno geek. And I learned it the hard way.

After my surprising blog re-design accomplishment, I decided to try my hand at doing the same for my hubby’s blog, The Centerline. Once I master something (OK…maybe “master” is too strong a word), I have a habit of recapturing the thrill by doing it over and over and over ad nauseum. I found a photo, uploaded it to his header, changed all the fonts and colors and even added a photo to his profile. Mission accomplished. He likes it and I was feeling confident about my computer skills…BIG mistake.

Now I won’t go into the gory details but let’s just say I took on a computer challenge that was far beyond my skill set. And, of course, I did this all just before bedtime so I was doing it with only half my brain functioning…not too smart. It has nothing to do with blog template tweaking so I’m not sure what made me think that my success in one small area of ComputerLand would translate to another but I’m thinking over-confidence is the culprit.

The good news is I’m sure the problem I’ve created is correctible although I'm waiting for Tech Support to help me undo my “mis-doing”. There’s nothing like having to admit your mistake (via email) to some nameless, faceless, far more knowledgeable individual, who’s probably young enough to be your son or daughter, to put things in perspective. I’ve been humbled and I promise I’ve learned my lesson…for now.


Linda said...

I have come to the conclusion that my son and daughters are always going to much more computer literate than I am. On a good note, though, thank goodness they are as I've punched a few wrong buttons myself from time to time!

Hopefully you didn't make any "fatal" errors and things can be back up and running without too much hassle. And there is one nice thing to some nameless, faceless email contact - you remain faceless also and it's a little less embarrassing! A little!!

sari said...

I like the blue, it looks nice.

the moose buyer said...

now you understand why the Moose is gone from my blog. I still can't figure how I could put him on then when I tried to change the description, I couldn't get the picture back on.

Computer thingys are very frustrating to me.

Toni said...

Yep! Been there, done that! Nothing like being knocked down a few pegs!

p.s.- our library is HUGE and the children's department doesn't lack anything! They actually have more story hours- That is just for the 4-6 age group!

patches said...

Joan, you're in good company. I managed trash the Missus new url when I was installing/deleting the blogging software. Hubby's blog looks nice!

the moose buyer said...

cousin, you underestimate your computer skills. The new stuff you put on my blog is absolutely beautiful and now everyone will understand why my blog name is moosebuyer. Thanks for making me look good.

Susie said...

Oh dear! I think we've all been there..
I think I'd be grateful that I didn't have to tell a techie that face to face or even over the phone.
Email is nice and anonymous!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

or in my case, the age of my grandson! sigh... so true.

smiles, bee

Midlife Mom said...

Hey at least you have the courage to try! I'm so intimidated by my new template I don't even try working with it! I need to take my totes off as I am behind and can't keep up with it and can't figure it out. I've put in an SOS to susie at Bluebird Designs! help!

Michele said...

I feel you have done a fine job, Joan. The blue is soothing, perhaps I should get you to do mine! :)
I tinker around with my template but ever so carefully as I heard a few "horror stories" as some templates acting a little silly and some are not able to get into them properly... but looks as if you are doing well!

Renee said...

I love the hubby's new digs and going to check out Moose's place now.

Ralph said...

Joan, does anybody remember life before affordable computers? How hard can it be to work on templates with today's fast computers? I would just relax about any technical issues, your site (and Rick's) look great!

Lynn said...

I can't for the life of me figure out what you 'messed up' on. I am too filled with fear to even try. I think that failure is much better than not even trying. However, just be sure to figure it all out before you help me with my blog.

rosemary said...

Thank GAWD I am not the only one. I have uploaded a bazillion pics to my header and taken them off, changed this and that only to screw up...then yesterday I came whizzing into the bedroom with the vacuum, laptop open, scared Sophie who jumped off her nap spot onto the keyboard..and screen went sideways...really. Took me an hour to fix it...just a right click on the screnn adn follow the prompts....after I tried every fix in the control panel.

Val said...

I am here on the recommendation of Susie from Susie's Space, and so glad I did stop by. Went to your first post and when I read On my last day, I walked out of the library and never looked back, I really felt I had met a kindred spirit. I retired from my reference librarian position at a university last year, thought I might have times of regret, but like you it was never an issue. I will return to read more of your blog.

Joan said...

Linda: Ah yes, kids are so much more computer saavy...I guess I need to be nice to my niece and nephew.

Sari: I'll let Hubby know.

The moose buyer: Your moose is now appropriately posted on your blog. :~)

Toni: I'm figuring there are several children's librarians at your I right?

Patches: I love the Missus' new look...she's one creative woman!

Susie: I hadnt thought of that but I's less humiliating via email.

Empress bee: Ah grandkids...wonder AND useful!!!

Midlife mom: When I saw your new template, it was what finally kicked me into doing my re-do.

Michele: Thanks! I tried to be very careful when I was tinkering with the template because I too heard those horror stories.

Renee: Hope you enjoy them both!

Ralph: I sorta remember life before computers...I was a lot less stressed back then. :~)

Lynn: I'm itching to get my hands on your blog so just pick a graphic and I'll show you how.

Rosemary: A sideways screen...I'll remember who to come to for help when that happens to me someday. :~)

Val: Hi and thanks for stopping by. Ah yes...I've never looked back and still have no regrets. I'll be stopping by to see how you're enjoying retirement.

Linda said...

Hi Joan,

In regards to a Stat Counter, they are actually very simple to install to your template (so simple that I installed both of the ones I have myself!). I have two because I like the different information that each of them gives me.

I have been using the one from the longest. The other one I have is from

Go to their pages and they give you the simple instructions on how to install one on your blog. I use the free versions though there are paid versions which give more information but I'm sure that those are more for professional websites.

Linda said...

Oops, the url for StatCounter is actually! I forgot the WWW part!

Lucy's Mom said...

Hi Erstwhile Librarian, My sister is a librarian and we are a family of readers, so we are sympatico I think.

I have one question. How did you get your header picture in the CENTER? If you look at mine, it's on the left and I have no clue how to center it.