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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dell = Do Expect Lotsa Lies

First off, in case you haven't been following my sad Dell saga, go here, here and here if you want to catch up to the present. The upshot is I sat home today waiting for a Dell technician to arrive to install two parts which were supposedly ordered three weeks ago for my desktop. At 11:30AM, the doorbell rang and there was Ed from Dell with a box. I thought my prayers had finally been answered. As Ed walked in, I told him how glad I was to see him with my power supply unit and processor fan after a long three weeks….that’s when Ed stopped short in his tracks.

Ed: “What power supply unit?”

Me: “The one Dell was supposed to order three weeks ago and the one I was promised would be installed today along with the new processor fan.”

Ed: “This box only contains the processor fan. We never received a power supply unit and the work order I have doesn’t indicate one was ordered. In fact, all the work order says is that your tower is making noise.”

Me: *unintelligible* since I was hyperventilating at the moment.

So…Ed installed the processor fan for me and I called Dell yet again to complain that, after three weeks and promise after promise (or should I say lie after lie), my power supply unit still is not replaced. I asked to speak to a supervisor and this time Christopher was the “lucky” person to have to make excuses for the no-show power supply. This time the excuse was that Dell’s records indicate the part was shipped and, for some unknown reason, the local installation company is saying the part never arrived. The long and short of it is, for the FOURTH time, the part needs to be "dispatched", I’ll have to wait yet again for someone to call to schedule another appointment when the part arrives, and yet again I will have to stay home and wait for a technician to come and install the part. Apparently the people at Dell don’t believe my time is of any value and that I have all the time in the world to wait for them.

In case you’re wondering…letter #2 is already in the mail to Michael Dell, Chairman of the Board. I haven’t yet heard from him (or his lackey) about letter #1 but I’m persistent and will continue to follow-up until I get some satisfaction...if that's possible at this point!


Lynn said...

It would be prudent of the Dell Corporation to give you a brand new computer.

the moose buyer said...

yeah right. I have been waiting for my new replacement Ford for at least 37 years when the Yellow Galaxy had problems. Remember they forgot to put the rubber seals in the hood and rain leaked all over my engine? Ford promised to replace the car but it never happened. That's when I got the Karmen Ghia.

Iamthebookworm said...

Oh Joan...

I am SO sorry! I don't think I will ever buy a Dell.

Patti said...

I'm with Lynn - you should be given a new computer.

Pam said...

Grrr... We had similar problems with a Gateway. Unless you're a techno-weenie and can fix your own computer, you're at their mercy. You have my sympathy.

patches said...

I'm sure that you will have reason to dispatch letter #3 in the future, given the way this tale has unfolded so far. When you do, be sure and include an itemized statement of lost time and productivity and don't forget to include your hourly rate. You might also want to include a copy of your extended warranty, since it appears they have forgotten the terms and conditions they agreed to honor. Good Luck!

Joan said...

Lynn: I'm not holding my breath waiting for a new computer.

Moose Buyer: Wasn't that your yellow Galaxy I saw racing down the road today? ;-)

Iamthebookworm: To be honest, I think all computer companies behave this way and isn't that a sad statement.

Patti: A new computer would be nice. I'll suggest it to Mr. Dell when letter #3 needs writing.

Pam: I wish I were a techno-weenie...wonder what school issues that diploma?!?

Patches: Thanks for your suggestions. I should hire you as my consumer advocate.