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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Ho Hum Brain

I'm not feeling particularly creative again but I am feeling compelled to blog since I missed yesterday. The closest I've come to "blogging" lately is helping my sister play with her blog template colors today. I guess that borders on creativity although it was my sister's decisions which ruled the day. If you have a chance, take a peek here and let her know how you like the new look.

Yesterday I spent a few hours at my post-retirement very part-time job at the Library. The best part was having a pre-meeting lunch with two of my friends in the unit I'm assigned to. Then the meeting I attended gave me the opportunity to "think outside the box." Oh yes, we've been commanded to think "creatively" as we come up with various policies and procedures for the new computer system which will be installed next year. There's that *creative* word again. No wonder I haven't been feeling particularly original in my blogging these past few days...I've used up all my creativity in other endeavors.


Patti said...

Don't you know that creativity begets creativity?
The more you write, the more it comes at you in waves.

You can't use it up.

P.S. Thanks for linking to my blog. I am so excited.

Lynn said...

Policies...procedures...and creative...all in one sentence??? Can you do that?
p.s. Thanks for all of your help yesterday! If if wasn't for you, I'd still be drab blue with no picture!
p.p.s. I told Patti that we'd adopt her.