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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Silver Wonder Makes Her Debut

OK...after suffering through two days of nagging by Hubby (dear, sweet, wonderful Hubby), I finally bit the bullet and removed Silver Wonder from her box, plugged her into our router, opened her up and pushed the "On" button. The initial set-up wasn't too bad...I managed to make my way through all the registration screens and got to the Desktop. What a cool looking Desktop...remember...this is Vista. Unfortunately, that's when the trouble began. After updating the installed virus protection software, suddenly the computer began to do weird things...yes, multiple weird things. So I got on the phone with the Computer Company and it only took me two technicians (from a land afar) and more than 90 minutes to get my problems least I think they're resolved. The display now looks better and things seem to be working so I've packed Silver Wonder away for another day. I'm just too tired and cross-eyed right now to install the other software Hubby bought plus start learning all the new bells and whistles associated with Vista. After all...tomorrow is another day.


Lynn said...

Congratulations! I am so happy to hear that you've finally taken the "silver wonder" out of the box, fired her up, and let her rip! O.K. so you didn't let her rip, but at least you got to speak with "Bob" from a land afar. I want to hear ALL about the bells a whistles (as soon as you figure them out)...please remind your hubby that I am his favorite sister-in-law, just in case he feels like purchasing a sister for the silver wonder. lol

only oldest said...

how do you know it's a female computer??