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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Just Another Boring Saturday

I was considering not blogging today but I’d made a promise to myself to blog everyday (OK I’m already fudging…almost every day) so here this is. This was truly one of those ho-hum days that seem to take forever to end and hardly rate a blog. It started off with someone rapping on our door at 8:30AM. It turned out to be a power company workman letting us know they were working on the poles across the street and our electricity would be off from 9-1. Oh goody…there I was running around the house unplugging things, making sure our surge protectors were all on, trying to get dressed, blowdrying my hair, all within 30 minutes. Sure enough, at nine sharp, off went the power. With nothing to do, we decided to go to the local thrift store to drop off our most recent de-cluttering boxes, then to the Department Store to buy underwear for Hubby (what a thrill), then to the Big Box Warehouse to buy a few items including the veggie platter we were assigned to bring to tomorrow’s big Super Bowl party. Are you thoroughly bored yet?

Back home, we discovered the power was already back on so I spent the first few minutes traversing the house, resetting the clocks on every piece of equipment we have…I hate that chore! Then I spent the rest of the afternoon huddled in front of my computer reading blog after blog after blog. OK…I admit it…I’m addicted. Hubby had to tear me away from my computer late in the day so I could cut his hair before going to church. That’s normally an every-other-Saturday-morning task but, with the power off, my shaggy husband had to wait a few extra hours.

So now we’re home, we’ve eaten dinner and here I am, once again, in front of my computer blissfully blogging away. Ahhhh…the highlight of my day.


Lynn said...

What do you mean a "ho hum" day???You actually accomplished a lot today... you were: an electrician, a selfless donator ( aka a clutter dropper-offer) , a fashion buyer, a food purchaser, a hair cutter and a published author. Doesn't sound too "ho hum" to me!

Pam said...

At least you kept busy while the power was out. I find whenever that happens all I can think to do are things that require electricity. Same with when the water has been shut off. Suddenly I want to do laundry or boil water!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Oh, and I love your list of books in your profile -- I like so many authors and can't seem to sit still long enough to list them. But you listed many of my faves. In fact, the book pictured in the post you commented on is, I believe, an Evanovich! A guilty pleasure that's perfect for the beach!