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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dell’s Next Day Service-Not!

I am so frustrated…I don’t know where to begun. On Feb.1st, I called Dell because my computer has been making a terrible noise at Startup. So I won’t bore you with the details, you can look here for the background. Anyway, it’s two weeks later and my issue is still unresolved. I’ve talked to two Dell Technical Support representatives plus a supervisor and still no new power supply for my computer. Instead, all I’ve gotten are conflicting stories, mis-information and an unfulfilled promise that the local technician would call me on Monday (2/12) to set up an installation appointment.

So today once again I called Dell Tech Support and spoke to yet another representative about my problem. After repeating the entire story for the fourth time, he checked my record and determined that it will be yet another 3-5 days before the power supply reaches the local technician. Grrrrrr…. I have to say I was remarkably controlled as I told him this was totally unacceptable, questioned him on Dell’s Next Day Service warranty, and then promised to write a letter to Dell’s corporate headquarters. That’s all it took. Suddenly the young man became my “new best friend.” He placed me on hold while he took care of whatever he needed to do to “rectify” the situation. The bottom line is he’s had to “re-dispatch” the order (why do I think the order was never placed originally) and it will still take another 3-5 days before the local technician receives the part and calls me to schedule an installation appointment. This time, however, the Dell tech actually promised to send an email to me with all the pertinent information plus he gave me his extension number so I can call him if this issue continues to remain unresolved. actual extension number! Does the number really work??? Let’s hope I don’t have to find out!


Lynn said...

Not to make you any angrier...Don't expect anything from the supervisor (I know you really don't). Remember, the "supervisor" really doesn't give a sh*t! His computer works just fine, (he was probably playing "free cell" when your call interrupted him) ... So it's on to the next level...corporate!

Joan said...

I absolutely believe in going straight to the top. My certified letter to Michael Dell, Chairman of the Board, is in the mail. Let's see how he (or his lackey) responds to this incident...IF he responds.