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Monday, February 5, 2007

My Knees Are Knocking

OK…I admit it…I’m nervous. My “secret gift” is supposed to arrive today and my stomach is in knots. Yes…I know I should be excited because it’s what I’ve been talking about getting for months but, now that it’s almost here, I’m a basket case. You see…I don’t know a heck of a lot about computers. There I’ve said it…my secret gift is a computer…a notebook to be specific. I’ve been a computer user for years but, while I worked at the library, I could always call our PC Support Help Desk whenever a computer would go on the fritz. Someone would come out (not always in a timely manner), lay hands on the computer, and everything would be fine. Here at home, I’m the PC Support Help Desk. I’m not sure how I was appointed to this lofty position by my husband but it’s the way it is. Slowly I’ve managed to teach myself a little about computer maintenance when I’ve been forced to by my current computer. But now we’re adding a new notebook to the mix and, to make matters worse, it will have Windows Vista and Office 2007 . So now I will be forced to learn a re-designed operating system and new versions of programs I use frequently. I know, I know…things will be fine and I will love my gift once it comes. But right now all I want to do is throw up.


Lynn said...

Notebook lesson #1...don't throw up near the computer. LOL

only oldest said...

I loved lynn's answer. I sure hope you enjoy your present and don't get too frustrated. We all know you can't count on me for computer help.

sari said...

Ooh, it sounds great! You'll love it!