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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Two Computer Family

Tah dah…”the eagle has landed.” After going with Hubby to his ophthalmologist appointment yesterday afternoon, we headed on over to Computer Whiz’s place of business where my "secret" Valentine’s Day/birthday/anniversary gift was waiting for me. And there, still in its shipping box, was my brand new computer…my very first notebook. We opened up the box, long enough to get a look at my new Silver Wonder, but then decided dinner was more important so, as a “thank you” for helping Hubby "surprise" me with this new toy, we took Computer Whiz, his wife, and daughter out to dinner.

So here I am this morning, on my old trustworthy desktop computer, with Silver Wonder still in her box (yes, I’ve decided she’s female). My plans for today are to sit down and read every bit of documentation (and there isn’t a lot) which came in the box, look over all the pre-installed software disks and boxes of additional software my Hubby bought, eventually remove Silver Wonder from the carton, plug her in, turn her on and begin to explore. Computer Whiz promises me he will come over at some point to help me secure my network so I can go wireless with confidence…and maybe give me a quick lesson on the basics of notebooks.

And "thank you" dear sweet Hubby for this terrific gift. I am a very lucky woman!


only oldest said...

good for you hubby. Good gift. When "only middle" is satisfied and has mastered all the new doo dads and can help me, then I might get a new laptop too. Mine is almost 4 years old

Joan said...

Hopefully your current laptop will live a very long life...I'm seeing a long road ahead of me before I'd admit to being a master at anything involving computers. Now...where is that "on" button?

Lynn said...

Please email me first on your new laptop...pretty, pretty please!!!

sari said...

What a wonderful gift!