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Monday, February 12, 2007

Every Penny Helps

Today I'm proud to say I started down the road of saving for our Ireland trip. On Saturday, I went to two computer stores looking for a carry bag for my new laptop. At Store #1, I spent $79.99 on a really nice bag only to discover that it was $20 cheaper at the store across the street. Of course I returned the $79.99 bag to store #1 and bought the same exact bag at store #2 for $59.99. Needless to say, I was pretty proud of myself...a $20 savings! So yesterday I went through the Sunday ads in the newspaper (my favorite Sunday morning activity) and, lo and behold, there was a Store #2 ad for my laptop bag for $29.99!!! So today I went back to Store #2 and was able to get the extra $30 off (a $10 instant rebate plus a $20 mail-in rebate). All in all, I saved a total of $50 so we're a few miles closer to Ireland!!!


Lynn said...

You are such a good shopper! Of course you could have just kept the "silver wonder" in the box and "saved" an additional $29.99! lol

Renee said...

Great shopping! Today I found that the skirt that I originally wanted for $40 and the store didn't have my size...was now on sale for $8.50 and they had my was fate!

re: unwanted cookies... you can send them to a soldier or give them to a local charity.

Joan said...

Lynn: Hubby wanted to make sure I got a carry bag so I could bring Silver Wonder over to introduce you to her so it must be all your fault. ;~)

Renee: I'd forgotten about sending the cookies to a soldier. Thanks for reminding me!

Patti said...

Pinching pennies is fun.

And in my case these days, it's a way of life. ;)

Have a wonderful trip!

only oldest said...

I really believe you do have more of Uncle B in you than I have!!