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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Golf Lessons and the Super Bowl

Today is our annual Sports Day in our household. It began with our once-a-month golf lessons with our wonderful golf pro this morning. Hubby and I have been taking lessons from him for more than 15 years. My husband’s game has improved dramatically over time and he can outdrive and outscore players significantly younger and stronger. My game, however, is another story. Most months, the only time I have a golf club in my hands is during my 30 minute lesson. On the rare occasion my husband convinces me to play a round of golf, I immediately tell the other golfers we’re paired with that I’m new to the game and ask for their patience. OK…so after 15+ years of lessons, I guess I shouldn’t refer to myself as a novice but that’s what my game looks like. That’s me…a 15+ year golf newbie.

So now we’re home; we’ve had our coffee and read the newspaper; and we’re getting ready to leave for our friend’s annual Super Bowl bash. This year I’m pretty proud of myself…I actually know which two teams are playing…the Bears and Colts, right? Of course, I still can’t decide which team to root for. Because I grew up in New York and was a Jets fan way back when, I’ve had an affinity for the AFL (oops, the AFC) through the years. But while I know which teams are playing today, I have no idea which team represents which NFL conference. And quite frankly, I no longer have an allegiance to the AFC…in fact, I really don’t care which side wins. All I hope to see is a really good game with lots of excitement and great TV commercials. Oh and let's not forget about the obscene quantities of food. After all, isn’t that what the Super Bowl is all about?

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Lynn said...

You are way too modest!!! I know that you happen to be a good golfer...compared to me, you are downright gifted on the golf course! lol