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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday This and That

I went today to my little once-in-a-while part-time job at Library Headquarters to do some training. The head trainer, one of my dearest friends, is retiring in a week and today was the last time I'll train with her...unless she, like me, comes back as a part-time trainer. These days our Library is having such a hard time finding librarians and other staff that they are encouraging retirees to come back to work as part-timers. Soon the entire Department will be run by retired former employees.

Hubby called Nephew#1 today to break the news about not having him stay with us. We did pass on the information about the local University off-campus housing database and he will check it out to see if he can find a place to stay. We also offered him some financial support if he needs to rent a motel room for a short time while he searches for permanent housing. Nephew#1 actually took it quite well and he really is a wonderfully mature 25-year-old.

Late this afternoon Hubby and I went over to the local lumber yard to look at some synthetic wood decking material which Hubby, Friend and Friend's Brother will be using to replace the wood deck in our backyard...hopefully this weekend. We had to pick out the color and, since our exterior home colors are grey and white, we decided Winchester Grey would look best. Tomorrow Hubby and Friend will go over there to actually place the order. I'm already making plans to be far away from the house when construction begins. Friend thinks he and his brother can have it done in a day (two at the most) but, like all other remodeling projects, I'm not holding my breath.


Lynn said...

Soon you'll be working more hours than I am ;~) Glad to hear that your Nephew took the news well. If you need a place to escape to during the construction...mi casa es su casa.

Renee said...

I don't blame you for not holding your breath during the construction. Although that decking material is supposed to be really easy to work's the installers that I worry about. ;o)

Glad the nephew took the news well and very glad he won't be cramping your style.

Patti said...

Glad to read Nephew took it well. A fne young man. And you keep your privacy!

As for getting away from the house when the construction crew arrives, I would suggest going to Lynn's house and calling every day or two to check on progress. It will take weeks. ;-)

Patti said...

p.s. sorry about typo

patches said...

I think Patti is spot on about the time frame. The last four day project that occurred in this house, took a month, and required storing a toilet in a bathtub.

It sound as though your nephew is as mature as you described him in that earlier post. I'm sure that makes you a proud aunt.

Joan said...

Lynn: Thanks for offering your house as a remodeling "shelter." You might just see me this weekend.

Renee: Believe me, I'm worried about the "installers" too. While I know they're good carpenters (even though that's not their day jobs), they're terrible time-keepers.

Patti: Your guess at a time frame is probably much closer to the truth. Also don't worry about any typos...I'm no keyboard whiz.

Patches" Your "4-day" project sounds so familiar although I've never had a toilet live in a bathtub...that must have been quite a sight.

Susie said...

You'll love your new deck when it's done, but I don't envy you the mess until then. We just lived through a kitchen remodel last year and that was quite the ordeal!

Midlife Mom said...

I'm so glad to hear the outcome of your nephew's housing dilemma. You really handled that well by offering some financial help along with suggestions on other housing. Everyone will be happier this way and all have their privacy. Good Job!