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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Waiting Game

So…here I am today stuck at home waiting anxiously for the Dell computer technician. He called on Monday and promised to be here today between 11AM and 1PM, to finally install the new power supply unit I’ve been waiting for since February 1st. “Yes” it’s early in the morning and “yes” I could probably go out and run errands and be home by 11:00 but I’m always worried the technician will suddenly want to come early and, if I’m not home, I’ll miss my chance for the day and then I’ll have to re-schedule the darn appointment and spend yet another day waiting. Why is it they can never be at my house early in the morning so I don’t have to wait around all day? Whose house do they visit at 8:00AM? What did that lucky soul do to get them there at that time? Why isn’t that person ME?????


Renee said...

Oh I so hate waiting around all day for the repair person. Such a pain. I really hope that the guy has shown up already.

It's similar to waiting for UPS to deliver a package that I've been tracking since I ordered it. They show that they send it out for delivery from a place that's 5 miles from me in the morning, but it won't get to my house until after 5:30pm! makes me so mad.

Joan said...

Renee: You must be on the same UPS route as my house. Delivery at 5:30pm would be fine if I were working but, now that I'm home all day, I want my package NOW...not 12 hours after it left the warehouse.

the moose buyer said...

hopefully someone will show up soon. Don't hold your breath.

patches said...

Hope your luck is better than Missus Chica's. She's scheduled a washing machine delivery on a certain day, so she could have the machine moved to the laundry room. Those jerks came a day early, when no one was home and left it on the front porch..... but, she did get them to come back and move it.