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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A Few Words

I don't have much to report this morning so this is just a quick update. Silver Wonder remains in her box although she did make a short appearance yesterday so that I could write down the all important Service Tag number should I need to call the Computer Company when I begin the arduous task of setting up and configuring her. Trust me...I'll get to that eventually.

Today I'm off to the doctor's with my cousin for her one-year post gastric bypass surgery checkup. I've been there with her from the start and I am amazed at her progress. She's lost more than 100 pounds and, although she finds herself at a plateau right now, I know she will continue to lose until she gets to her goal weight.

Oh, one last thing...yesterday my husband came home, after playing golf and running errands, with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me. The occasion? was Tuesday! Let me say again...I am a very lucky woman.


Patti said...

You are one lucky duck.

Good luck with the Silver Wonder.

I'm a desktop girl myself.

sari said...

Woo hoo! A laptop! I'm saving for a new one myself.

And Tuesday is a much better reason for flowers than any "greeting card" holiday. Very nice!

Lynn said...

Your darling hubby continues to raise the bar for all of the other darling hubby's out there. I think I'll show mine your post. LOL

Joan said...

Patti: Thanks for visiting my blog. To be honest, I'm a desktop kinda girl too!

Sari: I agree...Tuesday is a much better day for flowers. And I hope you get your new laptop...then maybe you can tell me how to use mine!

Lynn: Your hubby does not need lessons on being a good hubby...he does just fine on his own!